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[PSN Review] Journey |

Journey is a beautiful game. Not in the sense of graphic design, which is astonishing by the way, but also for how unique the concept is. Journey takes the standard applied rules of every game you’ve ever played and throws it outside the window. My advice to you is to buy Journey and experience it for yourself, as there are many things words can’t describe. Journey is one of them.

During my second play-through, my wife asked me why, why am I always heading for that big mountain in the horizon? I simply didn’t have an answer. I just knew this is where I should be heading. I knew that the beacon of light shivering in the horizon is my destination. It wasn’t a task I acquired by an NPC, nor a mission I unlocked on my travels, It was just my instincts, the inner objective and the curiosity that lives inside and motivates all of us.

So I walked the golden sands with strangers aiming for the big mountain and the beacon of light, looking for answers. No objectives, no missions, not a single sense of what you should be doing, but I’ve always knew what had to be done.

In Journey, you will walk in the shoes of a mysterious red cloaked character. Both you and the character will be looking for answers. Why am I here? What is my purpose? What do I have to do? Well, the answers will represent themselves in a unique package only the mind of ThatgameCompany can create. You will eventually find some answers by the end of your journey. Of course, you will also have more questions, but this time, you will have a sense of satisfaction and disappointment, all combined with an emotional tendency.

The controls in Journey are as simple as they can get. The game also benefits from the sixaxis motion of the Dual Shock 3 controller. Something we have already experienced in Flower. You will dive straight into the game, with no complications of any sort. I think that’s what the developer always intended.

I was part of the game, sliding down the endless sand, floating with the mysterious creatures and meditating with strangers by the fascinating landscape Journey presented. I haven’t encountered a single bug during my two runs in Journey. The developer dedicated all their resources to make this experience incredibly satisfying in every aspect imaginable, and I think they did a fantastic job at that.

The multiplayer in Journey is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Personally, I wouldn’t call it a multiplayer, as it is something quite entirely different from anything I have played before. Allow me to explain. In Journey, you will encounter many strangers. There will be no names, no voice chat, nothing to unveil the identity of the other character. You both share the same look and sense of curiosity. You can communicate by graceful tunes your characters can make, mostly for the purpose of unveiling your locations, especially in dark times.

Journey is short, disappointingly short. It is also different, unforgettable, hauntingly beautiful and food for your soul. Do yourself a favor and buy Journey when it comes out on the 13th, or get it now if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber.


Outstanding visual design
Serene soothing soundtrack
Replay value

Price on PSN is $14.99


This review is based on a PS3 edition of Journey developed by Thatgamecompany and published by SCEA.

  • Oly

    Great review.. I was curious as to how you would go about explaining the game-play, and I think you did it right. The more you explain the more you take away from the experience of actually playing it yourself.
    I never got into flower, but Journey had me hooked from the beginning, but I honestly don’t know why. It’s very simple, yet very good.
    My issue with it is the same as yours.. It is way too short.. I want more!

  • eva888

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  • great review this is a very unique and interesting game

  • first playthrough and wanted to play it immediately again, the trophies are well done, and it’s a game i can see myself playing through 10+ times, it’s truely a treat, and builds upon itself the further you get into the game. When playing with someone else, stay right next too them when you can, it gives you a “bonus” if you pay attention

  • Jay

    uhhhhh is the second comment real? lol. Almost seems spammy.

  • Is the 5th comment real!? Kinda seems fishy…

  • Oly

    LOL @ eva888 and Jay

  • Oly

    Isli are you doing a review on this as well?

  • No sir, word of Eden.

  • Nice, I can’t wait to play it….slightly worried about comment 2 O.o

  • oh why cant i ever find oly or isli in the endless desert

  • I’ll be definitely getting this game, since I don’t have PS+ I’ll have to wait until tomorrow though. A question: is the use of the Sixaxis obligatory? I really don’t like using that because of the way I’m usually seated when I play.

  • Cheeto

    @pedrolabate No they are not mate, matter of fact, I played the entire game using the thumbsticks. I agree that it’s more steady.

    Oly mentioned that you can actually see the names of all the people you played with, well after the game ends and the credits roll that is.

  • @Kane112: Maybe you have but I decided I didn’t like you so I just ran away?

  • cant wait to get my hands on it