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PS3BlogCast Episode 40 |

Hello everyone…wait…this isn’t the normal day for the podcast is it? No it’s not! It seems that we’re running a little behind schedule this week, seeing as it was a bit busy, but we’re good to go now, and with GDC wrapping up, we’ll be able to at least discuss everything that came out of it.

Tune in to catch a recap of this weeks news, releases and a voicemail! We haven’t had one of those in a long time. Hope you all had a good week, and now this can be a little treat for you this weekend. Enjoy!


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Here’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • Mass Effect 3 Cloud Save Issue
  • More Uncharted 3 DLC Inbound
  • Sorcery Release Date
  • 3 Battlefield 3 DLC Packs for 2012
  • Assassin’s Creed III Trailer
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter Release Date
  • Assassin’s Creed III Co-op?
  • CS:GO No Longer Supports Cross-Platform Play
  • Dust 514 Free-to-Play
  • Guerrilla Games Has 3 New Projects
  • Quantic Dreams’ Kara Short Film
  • PSN: Gamer’s Choice Awards
  • Listener Voicemail
  • Secret Word
  • Foobear swings both ways 😡

  • wolfkin

    But with an iPhone we’re talking about built-in memory. The prices for Vita are for removable memory. It does make a difference.

  • @Wolfkin Removability doesn’t make a difference for the price of the cards. It’s whether they’re proprietary or not.

    The reason HDD’s are cheap for computers if you want to upgrade a PC is because the free market allows for competitive pricing between companies who are trying to get your money. When you have a product that has built in memory that is not upgradable it is exactly the same as having something that is proprietary like the Vita cards.

    In comparison the memory cards for Vita are still cheaper than the internal drives for Iphones/Ipods/Ipads and the like. The Vita benefits from having the option of cheaper tiered memory for the consumer to choose from. Is it pricier than memory stick duos? Sure. But in the end for what it is, it’s cheap in relation to other products.

  • wolfkin

    The difference I was referring to was from the perspective of the consumer not market forces. We consumers would expect cheaper prices in removable media vs a device with non-removable media. We aren’t comparing the HD upgrade options on an iPod Touch vs Vita cards. We’re comparing removable media (Vita Cards) vs other removable media (SD cards).

  • Good podcast, a shame you guys didn’t make it longer as Jcm suggested.

    By the way, I completely agree that there’s no reason to complain about the memory price of the PS Vita, I’d even go as far as to say the price could even be higher, since the iPhone has the same price BUT you can’t upgrade it. In my honest opinion upgradable memory > any other kind of memory. I really think it’s easier and better for the user.

  • I think something you guys are ignoring is that you are comparing it to the iPhone, perhaps the most overpriced phone out there right now…

    The reason they wanted proprietary memory was so that it would (in theory) be more difficult to hack, which didn’t matter in the end. So now we’re stuck with expensive memory cards just because.

  • @Isli I agree we’re talking about the most overpriced product out there, but it’s also the most profitable and successful portable device in the market and people don’t seem to mind its price tag.

    I honestly can’t believe that many people would pay so much more based on brand alone, it has something else to offer that others don’t and the same case could be made for the Vita.

  • True, people don’t seem to mind the cost, but that doesn’t mean it’s not overpriced. I feel the same way about the vita. It might offer something unique, and people might pay the price, but I still feel the cards are too much.

  • @isli I’m aware that they wanted to prevent hacking the best they could by going proprietary, we’ve discussed that before. As with all forms of memory it will go down in price over time.

    @Pedro ya I was kinda hoping we could just ramble about some stories for an hour haha.