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Releases for the Week (March 12th-18th) |

This week brings us games for fans of the occult, for those that like to play sports games, for individuals that dream of becoming ninjas, and for those that want to survive the zombie apocalypse. And then, we have Journey, a game so special and innovative, that talking about how it works and what your goal is, would only end up spoiling the experience for everyone else.

Vita gets a digital release on PSN thanks to Reality Fighters, an Augmented Reality (AR) fighting game that uses the Vita’s camera to drop your character right into the action.

We also get 3 new releases on PSN that are sure to make all puzzle and action fans very happy, so be sure to check the full list of releases right after the break:

PS3 Retail Releases

Silent Hill Downpour

You Can Buy Silent Hill: Downpour Right Here!

FIFA Street

You Can Buy FIFA Street Right Here!

Naruto Ultimate Storm

You Can Buy Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm Generations Right Here!

Yakuza Dead Souls

You Can Buy Yakuza: Dead Souls Right Here!

PSN Releases



Rogue Pilot Time Machine

Shoot Many Robots

Bioshock 2

You Can Buy Bioshock 2 Right Here!

Phneas and Ferb

You Can Buy Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension Right Here!


You Can Buy James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Right Here!

VITA PSN Releases

Reality Fighters

  • nope nothing nady oh well

  • I’ll certainly get Journey and I might check out Shoot Many Robots.

  • @Kane112: Picky or broke? Hehehe.

  • @EdEN well already got Journey so im going to say im picky this week

  • Another Perk by PS+!

  • Tales of Graces F is next on my play list once I’ve platinumed FFXIII-2 😉

  • ME3’s going to keep me plenty occupied for a while. I’m actually finding the co-op multiplayer to be a fun diversion as well! I was pretty dubious at first. And Journey I certainly plan on replaying a few times. Get me that pretty white burqa, at any rate. So nothing new for me this go-round.

  • Words cannot express how sad I am that Downpour is getting ripped apart.

  • big fan of the tales games, I will want to get tales as soon as I beat me3

  • Cheeto

    FIFA STREET! Definitely picking that up. loved the demo. Warp also looks good, might pick that one up as well.

  • 4 me FIFA STREET 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its Fantastic game, this version is almost like PS2