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Et Tu, Phil Harrison? |

Our once favorite Sony exec has joined the dark forces of Microsoft. It’s disappointing, but I can’t blame him for making a move for his own career.

The real betrayal of the year has been Sony’s current decision to mandate an all-Microsoft stack of development tools across their new PlayStation Suite program and try to snuff out any form of non-Microsoft game development activity. The last bastion of hope for developers who want some shred of choice in their tool sets is Android, and to a lesser extent iOS.

  • According to the source you’ve posted he left Sony in 2008 so I guess this won’t really make a difference to PS now.

  • Jay

    yeah, this isn’t really a big deal anyway. Many execs seem to be shuffled everywhere all the time, especially since they’re more along the lines of career guys, so a lot of times money would be more important than loyalty lol.

    Also, no offense, but this is kind of a pointless post, especially since the original subject matter, in reference to the title, is only found in the first 2 lines.