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Today Game of Thrones RPG opened its official website, showing off the combat system with an exclusive narrated video trailer that details the gameplay mechanics. This role playing game for PlayStation® 3, Xbox 360® and PC, based on the famous universe from George R.R. Martin’s saga and the HBO television series, should please all RPG players who seek perilous quests, compelling stories and epic battles! Discover today the very first look at its combat system, promising tactical and spectacular battles!

Today’s new video will immerse players into the combat system of Game of Thrones and its bloody battles. All along your adventure, numerous enemies will challenge you. To defeat them, you will have the ability to slow down time during combat to analyze, anticipate and adopt the best strategy to attack or defend yourself. You can plan multiple special attacks for each of your playable characters and activate them at the right moment to amplify their effect. A large selection of armor, weapons and skills will be at your disposal, based on the choice you made for each of your character’s classes and abilities.

Game of Thrones is scheduled for a May release.

Source: Press Release

  • hrm, dunno how I feel about this. text popups on damage look like dragon age: origins, which already looked dated on its release. and I want a mage class, damn it — I don’t need three kinds of warriors. anyway, have to see how the game shapes up as we learn more.

  • Well, I liked the turn based feel to combat, makes me less worried about this being a below average action adventure game. I’m interested, just bought the books today ;p

  • On a side note: Diablo III is coming out in May so it may take a while for me to play this.

  • Interesting! Might have to give this game a try.

  • it seem a lame game a dragon age copycat

  • wolfkin

    @premiersoupir but mages don’t fit the world of Game of Thrones. Interestingly enough the whole “lack of magic” thing was my major issue with the book and the show. In the book I read it because of the praise and every page I kept waiting for the magic and eventually I reached the end still waiting.

  • Heh, not too keen to be honest.

  • I like playing RPGs as a mage, but honestly I don’t mind reading fiction books where it’s non-existing. For example, LotR has little magic and, to a point, some of could arguably not be magic at all.

    I’ve just bought the books and I’ve never watched the show, I’m interested because I’ve heard many good things about it so I’ll see.

    Finally, the Ranged guy seemed to have some skills that could work out like magic but with some “scientific” explanation to it, that’s how I felt about it in the trailer anyway…