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PS3BlogCast Episode 41 |

We’ve returned to our regularly scheduled podcast this week despite not a whole lot of news since GDC ended, but there is enough to fill a good amount of time. Though I’m sure most of you listen in to hear FooBear give me a hard time about meaningless things…as he does. Or perhaps you’re wondering if he’s robbed anymore blind people lately. I assure you he hasn’t, or at least he hasn’t admitted to anything new.

We got another voicemail in this week, that’s two in a row! It’s good to see them come in. Feel free to leave a voicemail of your own any time and we’ll be sure to answer any questions to the best of our abilities, or if you’d like to ask our opinion on something while sharing yours, you can do that as well!


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Here’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • Call of Duty Elite 2.0
  • XBLA Achievement Change Won’t Effect Trophies
  • Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection
  • House of the Dead 4 Coming to PSN
  • Phil Harrison Working For Microsoft Now
  • Uproar Over Mass Effect 3 Ending
  • Listener Voicemail
  • Secret Word
  • Cheeto

    God, so sad when you say “Just the two of us…” JCM lol Shoot Many Robots demo was alright. Motorstorm RC for PS3 .. they got this in-game social system where you post your score after beating your friends’ time directly on Facebook and/or PSN. Awesome game and there is a demo available. Also, Closure (a new PSN game coming soon) has the same black and white indie feeling of Limbo, looks great. Check the gameplay video below.

    Great stuff boys, keep em coming, oh and JCM: buy Journey mate

  • i like that you enjoy our podcast. one of the reasons why we do it every week.

    i’m posting from my chromebook while on vacation in arizona for spring training.

    i’m going outside now.

  • Who is Damon and why is he using Foo’s avatar pic? Hahaha

  • wolfkin

    Don’t ever says totes unless you’re referring to a group of bags.

    darn right looking sexy for your lady. Good times. i remember having a girlfriend. Haircut days were… fun.

  • I know I’m a bit late, but great topics in this podcast! Journey is amazing go get it Clint!

    Oh, and a shout out to Bioware : don’t do what fans say just because. God! Seriously! How lame is it that they’re actually going to change the ending of the game? Stick to it!