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The Walking Dead: The Game – The Trailer |

Did you like The Walking Dead when it was only a comicbook? Did you end up watching and liking The Walking Dead TV show? Then have I got a game for you. The first proper trailer for The Walking Dead: The Game has been released, and we can now start to get an idea of what to expect from this soon to be released episodic game:

Sooooo, what do you think?

  • wolfkin

    i’m seeing what look like the original graphic novel designs. Is it going to be based on that story or the TV’s story.

    How depressingly sad that it looks so action oriented. What makes the novel good and the show good is that the zombies are so peripheral. It would be interesting to see instead of a standard zombie killing game something that was more like a Mass Effect clone. Heavy on the story and reduce the action.

  • Reminds me of Resident Evil:Outbreak for the PS2. Anyway I plan on getting this next month.

  • I’m not 100% certain, but I doubt I’ll be bothering with this. If they’d based it on the TV series rather than the comics (i.e. more realistic in the graphics department), then I’d snap it up. As it is… probably not.

  • Oly

    It is definitely based on the comics, which I think is a better choice than basing it on the TV series.

    I will be playing this for sure!

  • slightly excited

  • Don’t know if it’d be proper to post a link here but there’s 13 minutes of leaked gameplay footage for this. The game has QTEs, multiple choices in the dialogue and a point and click kind of gameplay. There’re some tense moments in the footage shown but some of the lines are pretty poorly written. Example, Lee shoots off a zombie cop’s head and then asks it if it’s dead. ._.

  • Not posting the link here, but I’ve seen the leaked video… and I like it. It’s a mix of regular point and clink games, mixed with some of the gameplay from Jurassic Park (as Sakinah has mentioned). Should make for a fun ride.

  • Jay

    EdEN is the Mikey of He’ll try anything. He also likes pretty much every game he reviews, even if it’s bad lol

  • Jay

    OK, but I could also bring in links that would otherwise validate my claim 😛

  • i’m interested in hearing more about this.

  • wolfkin

    ok well i haven’t seen the leaked gameplay but it sounds more like a game I’d want to play in the WD universe.