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[Giveaway] Yes, This Is A Huge MotorStorm Giveaway! |

The PlayStation Vita has been out for over a month now, and gamers haven’t yet been able to put this superb little gizmo down – all thanks to the fantastic lineup of games released alongside it.

With over 12 spectacular titles available from day one, games such as WipEout2048, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Rayman Origins, EA Sports FIFA Football, Everybody’s Golf (Hot Shots Golf) have showcased the power of the handheld and what the system is capable of – the PS vita seriously means business.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about MotorStorm RC, the one game that stood out a mile and many describing it as the best thing since sliced bread. The gaming community were quick to announce that this game is dangerously addictive.

If you haven’t been admitted to a rehabilitation center yet – then you’ve clearly not been playing it long enough! If you’ve not given MSRC a chance to take over your life – head over to our review to see what you’re missing out on – yes, we gave it a stonking 97%!

The Giveaway

To celebrate success Evolution Studios have had with MotorStorm RC, we are presenting gamers with an opportunity to bag some great prizes. We’re giving away:

– 3 copies of MotorStorm RC – which includes both the PS Vita and PS3 versions
– 5 copies of MotorStorm Pacific Rift, and
– A 4Gamers Compact Racing Wheel

Please leave a comment saying what prizes you want to win.

Your Task

If you submit a video you will get 10 bonus entries in the giveaway, plus get 200 points! Just simply create a YouTube video describing why you want to win a prize, what you would improve in MotorStorm RC, or if you’ve not got MS:RC – what you’d like to see from Evolution Studios as their next project.

The video can be as simple as you like, or you can use your video editing skills to show off and blow us all away with a video worthy of a Hollywood outing – we’ll leave the creativity up to you.

For additional ways to enter the giveaway – see the options below the ‘Enter Giveaway’ button.

Ground Rules

– Your video must include your name (or username) and a reference to
– The video must be at least 30 seconds long. It’s then upto you how long you’d like it to be
One video entry per person
– The video must be your own work, and
– It should not contain any language which is not appropriate for a young audience.
– Your videos must be submitted using the icon below for it to register in this competition.

We’d like to thank both 4Gamers and Evolution Studios for donating these superb prizes!

This competition is open to USA, Canada, Europe & South America. Please note that the PSN codes for MotorStorm RC must be redeemed on the EU PlayStation Store. But we are happy to ship the 4Gamers Compact Racing Wheel to the winner.

Closing Date: Morning of April 11th, 2012.

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  • [Worth up to 5 Entries] Purchase Lottery Ticket for 125 Points for a entry into the lottery. Here are all the possible ways to earn points.
  • [Worth 1 Entry] Like the giveaway post on the lottery page (not the actual post itself) via Facebook. Then post a comment to your facebook wall from the lottery page.
    • [EARN 50 Points]
  • [Worth 1 Entry] Follow @ps3blogdotnet on Twitter. Then there will be a tweet button. You just have to click that & tweet the exact text in the pop-up. Then a notification will pop up saying your entry was successful.
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  • [Worth 1 Entry] Use the Google +1 button on the lottery page (not the actual post itself), then share on your Google+ profile to complete your entry.
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  • [Worth 1 Entry] First, be a fan of our our Facebook page. On the left sidebar, there is a [Giveaway] link. Go there and at the bottom there is a “Enter Contest” button you can click for your Facebook Fan Page entry. Note: Make sure you’re logged into before you click the button.
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  • [Worth 1 Entry] Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We will post a bulletin. Follow the link & it will count as your YouTube entry. Note: Make sure you’re logged into before you click the link.
    • [EARN 25 Points]
  • Click here to upload video to YouTube for bonus entries!

  • [Bonus 10 Entries] After you have purchased at least one lottery ticket you are eligible for video entries. Make a video saying why you want to win. It can be funny, unique, strange, etc. Have fun with it.
    • Include and the name of the item being given away in your video & in the title of the video. Then use the button above to submit your video for review. Also leave a comment below with a link to your YouTube video.
    • [EARN 200 Points]

Here are the most recent YouTube video entries for all giveaways on with the most recent ones displayed first.

  • Awesome giveaway! Good luck to our friends across the pond!

  • Booooooooooooooooooooo. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Why do you hate non-EU residents? Hahaha. Great giveaway Mad!

  • Amazing competition but once again, I own everything here…

  • Jay

    what the crap…

  • wow huge giveaway. good luck to everything in the EU =]


  • Just EU……………….You just made this monkey very, very sad.

  • wolfkin

    just EU….. read monkey’s comment before the rules.. guess i don’t need to scroll up.. and now it makes sense b/c I THOUGHT the wheel was a UK only thing. -_-

    I’ll be waiting for that Canada only contest then I will clean the F up man. Just wait till Capybara puts out an awesome fully disc-based game.

  • oh. hmmmm. well arctic edge would have been awesome. eu only though. good luck to eu members lol do we even have any that will submit ?

  • EU in portuguese means “me” so I guess I can apply? Awesome giveaway Mad!

  • I hate Racing so No Comment.

  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift

  • Cheeto

    loved the demo. thanks guys. I’ve entered for a copy of Motorstorm RC

  • Cheeto

    Wait didn’t see MotorStorm Pacific Rift on that list lol, that game is awesome! Count me in for that please.

  • mynameisbarry

    Thanks for the giveaway, I would like to win any of the awesome prizes.

  • is the a youtube entry link? cause I didnt see one

    • Tosh

      There is now, sorry about that.

  • Just noticed the EU code thing haha…..another European restriction! πŸ˜›

    Well, I’ll settle for Pacific Rift or the wheel I guess. Count me in for either of those! (Though if I had a choice, it would be Pacific Rift)

  • O yea well anyway I’m wondeirng… Do I need a Vita to play this on my PS3? Cause I downloaded that free one they had and I can’t play it…….

    Or is this a different game all together?

  • arsenalfox

    Wouldn’t mind trying the “4Gamers Compact Racing Wheel” everything else I already have