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[Accessory Review] Trigger Grip for Vita |

The Vita is an amazing piece of hardware designed for people with small hands. The small design is its biggest drawback in my opinion, and the small buttons and tiny frame make for some very uncomfortable gaming sessions. The L and R buttons are so close to where your thumbs are that you’re forced to stick your index fingers straight up and bend them down in a claw like effect. This grows old after about 30 minutes of gaming. Introducing the must own accessory for the PS Vita.

This Trigger Grip can be picked up for only $17.99 and will extend your gaming session by hours on end. The feel is extremely comfortable and is immediately clear that this is how the Vita should feel. No more clawing at the L and R buttons, as the case comes with fitted triggers that sit slightly more behind the Vita like a PS3 controller. My biggest gripe with the Vita, besides the tiny size of everything, was the fact that the Land R buttons need to be completely depressed to register. This is immediately fixed with the PDP Triggers.

The base of the case is shaped like the bottom of the ever-so-familiar Dual Shock and feels right at home in my manly hands. I cant stress enough how much better the feel is with this small investment. The rear of the case doesn’t touch any of the back Touch controls and the front sits far away from the screen. The design is something you would expect from Sony. I thought long and hard about any drawbacks and the only one that comes to mind is if you use a purse for your Vita, it may not fit with the Triggers. Who uses a purse anyways? So, travel case aside, this is simply a must own.


Amazing Feel
More practical Trigger locations
Prevents the infamous fingers/falling asleep
Wont fit in a standard Purse/Travel case
  • Great review Jason! ^.^

  • Eddie

    It looks comfortable but I don’t care for the shoulder buttons. I don’t have a problem with the current vita shoulder buttons at all. never ran into a problem where they need to be completely depressed for any game yet.

    Would be awesome if they released this with a battery back up hidden in the grips that plugs in the bottom of the Vita or something. Then I’d jump right on it.

  • Shinobido
    Monster Hunter
    Lord of Arcanna
    Unit 13

  • Jason wants one that makes th buttons bigger hehehe.

  • Would be awesome! I hat the buttons. They are super tiny man. Hitting O and Triangle at same time without hitting x and square is impossible

  • Nice product, looks really good! If I had a Vita this is the kind of accessory I’d be interested int.

  • auction12

    Wow!! very interesting..

  • I’ve never had any issues with the Vita’s setup…this looks cool though, might keep it from fitting in my case though.