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Dokura Announced for the PS Vita |

Dokura is developed by GungHo and Published by Gamearts. It is a side scrolling strategy game where you play as Dokura (means skull in Japanese) who is the guardian of the demon world and whose job is the watch the Princess. Seeing the Princess cry evokes a strange sensation in him. He wants to see the Princess returned home so he attempts to lead the Princess to the tower exit.

Playing as Dokuro, you will lead the Princess through the tower attempting to disarm and by pass traps and other problems along the way. Dokuro can transform into a couple of different classes if you will, to allow him to carry out different duties. In Dokuro’s ghoulish form, you have the ability to double jump. If he changes to Hero form, he is capable of carrying the princess.

via Andriasang

  • I like 2D platformers as much as the next guy, but downloadable games are really abusing it. I’m getting tired of solving the same puzzles over and over again.

  • Great another mini type game. Shoot me now

  • Hahaha, you two are so picky! This is the type of game that would get me to buy a Vita. Different from the rest, good artstyle, and actually demands you have a brain.

  • I’ll give this one the benefit of the doubt. There are some fantastic sidescrolling platforming games out there, and this one looks interesting enough to at least keep an eye on.

    Besides, it’s not like the rest of the market isn’t over-saturated (FPS, bad third person shooters, etc)

  • @Isli I agree, that’s why I don’t play most games of those genres. Exceptions are always welcome (BF3, Borderlands, Max Payne and other awesome titles out there).

  • Hey,it beats another generic shooter right….right!?!?!? all seriousness,I like the games art style myself

  • Eddie

    Jason “What? Not Monster Hunter? Goddam mini-games”