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PS3BlogCast Episode 43 |

Another week is here and almost over but the podcast will make it! We’re a day late this week due to some scheduling issues, which should be fine as news was a little thin besides rumors.

We didn’t talk about Journey like we discussed last week, but we will next week for sure. Tune in this week to catch FooBear and I discuss what news there was.

FooBear is also giving away a Golden State Warriors rally towel. You can check that out after the jump.


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Rally TowelHere’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • Journey Breaks Records
  • Kellee Leaves ThatGameCompany
  • Robert Bowling Leaves Activision
  • Max Payne 3 Multiplayer
  • LittleBigPlanet Karting
  • Assassin’s Creed III Collector’s Edition
  • Battlefield 3 Updated
  • Buy Unlocks for Battlefield 3
  • Draw Something Ridiculous
  • Secret Word
  • Cheeto

    Another great podcast guys, thank you. You should discuss Journey a bet more next week. I should go back and play it once more since its been almost a week and there is a trophy for that 😉

    I am loving Draw something, I am kicking it with Pedro and I think Jay? Great stuff. I’ve tried to use my DS styles, pointless lol

  • Great one! Sony just reported that Journey is the fastest selling PSN game… ever! I’ll give it a try 3-4 months from now, once I’ve made a dent on my digital backlog (100+ games on PSN!).

  • We should make a drinking game whenever Eden mentions his backlog :p

  • wolfkin

    Vegas for $5 i had to buy it.. i already own Vegas 2. i just haven’t played any of them… the sucker buy for me was GRAW2.. THAT one and R6 for PS1 were so cheap I just had to do it..

  • wolfkin

    yo Eden you and me will probably be doing it together when that sale happen 3-4 months from now I might even finish Batman and Outland by then…

  • wolfkin

    relistening.. BTW sorry dude but you don’t get to reference a Half Life Mod as a “we did it first” moment. There are like a gazillion HL mods. It was VERy easy to miss any of them. Much less easy to miss Max Payne.

  • @Wolfkin That argument doesn’t hold up. If you created a product and got it all setup so you could get a patent and your friend goes ‘someone else already made that’ but it was a company that no one really knows about, it doesn’t matter. They did it first, that’s why we have patents in the first place. Same with music, to make sure people don’t write the exact same songs.

    Just because The Specialist was a mod from 2002 doesn’t negate the fact that they did bullet time first in multiplayer. My comment wasn’t targeted at Rock Star, they didn’t claim it to be the first, it’s the readers from online sites that have stated that. Probably a bunch of young kids who have no memory of games back in the day.

    When I tell people I like Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Guns n Roses, and they say ‘it’s a cover of a Bob Dylan song’ I don’t go “well I don’t listen to him, so this is the first version there is.” XD

  • Jay

    You could say that it might have been the first unmodded title to have it. I’m sure there are a lot of mods for games out there that have done something to a game before it was an actual part of another game, but never receive credit for it. In that sense, since it was a mod and not an actual part of the title, I can see Wolkin’s claim as valid, but with the overall picture, and if you include things like mods, then no, it wasn’t the first.

  • Saying something like that though is like what they did for The Hunger Games, saying it was the “Highest grossing, non-sequel, film weekend opener ever” since The Dark Knight and Harry Potter grossed more.

    I find in the entertainment industry that suddenly we’re adding all of these little titles to things to make them stand out: “Highest grossing film, during thanksgiving day weekend in an odd year, ever” the more you do that the less impressive it becomes.

    I understand what your argument is about how it’s a mod and not a released title, but that just makes it all the more impressive; considering it was designed by two people.

    Counter Strike and Left 4 Dead are Half Life mods, but they’re considered their own game.

  • wolfkin

    I meant this specifically in a video game context. The idea that Max Payne’s Bullet time is “no big deal” because heck that was something we already saw in this half life mod. A full game gets MUCH more exposure than a HL mod.

    In no way was I implying this would extrapolate to other mediums. I may not have been clear on that but that was only in this context.

    By no means am I detracting from the technology of the mod or the achievement of two guys thinking it up and implementing it but my base point is that for most of us Max Payne is where we first learned about bullet time. I just think it’s a bit disingenuous to say to those people that “well hey Max Payne didn’t really do anything new since there was this HL mod once that did it also”. That’s a very different situation from say the middle schooler who thinks the action in Green Lantern is so hot but you point out to him that we were doing that in GoW. Or say everyone raving about the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer and it’s go attack this target mode which is strikingly similar to the multiplayer mode in .. i wanna say The Conduit (but it sounds more like Metroid Prime on Wii).

  • wolfkin

    ugh.. i keep leaving things out but also for the record I completely agree that adding modifiers to your achievements hurts them.

    I dunno about CS but L4D you can buy in a box on it’s own. You don’t need to own any other game in order to play them.

    A better example for you might’ve been Garry’s Mod but again I think you need to own a source game to run GM

  • I never meant that it was ‘no big deal’ I was just surprised at comments saying it was the first. I’m excited that another game is finally doing it in multiplayer, it’s something I figured would have happened sooner after I first played TS.

  • Weird I was 100% sure I was up to date with these podcasts… lol

    I downloaded this yesterday from iTunes and I’m pretty sure this was the latest… anyway, great podcast as usual. I laughed hard when you guys started discussing DrawSomething and everyone at the Gym started to look at me like I was insane! lol