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Skate 4 To Be Announced Next Week For PS3 and PS Vita |

Via Dutch Site, Skate 4 will be announced by EA for the PS3 and the PS Vita. The details are sketchy so I’m not 100% sure if its Skate 4 for both consoles or a separate title completely for the Vita itself.

Here are some details but keep your eyes open for more coming soon:

-Real Time of Day feature: realistic day and night cycles
-Map is four times larger than Skate3
-new means of locomotion: Longboard + BMX
-BMX is mainly used to get to the mountains can be used for longboard carving
-Longboard skateboard instead should provide more realism
-Flatland tricks: finger flips, slides and Casper, gestures and facial expressions when Grind
-individual cover graphic design, logo Wheels
-PS Eye or Kinect for “face communication” on character
-In addition to the known multiplayer features: Freeskate 2Player-split screen in certain sections of Level
-Hall of Meat will be represented only as online modes
-published via social networks

  • wolfkin

    “And the peasants rejoi—- no they didn’t.. they went back to their gruel a much more interesting proposition”

  • hmm looking forward to hearing more love the skate series

  • I’m still looking forward to Tony Hawk HD more than another skate. Never quite got into the series.