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PS3BlogCast Episode 43

Another week is here and almost over but the podcast will make it! We’re a day late this week due to some scheduling issues, which should be fine as news was a little thin besides rumors.

We didn’t talk about Journey like we discussed last week, but we will next week for sure. Tune in this week to catch FooBear and I discuss what news there was.

FooBear is also giving away a Golden State Warriors rally towel. You can check that out after the jump.


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Red Tails is Coming to Blu Ray May 22

I never got a chance to see Red Tails in the theater, but everyone I know that saw it loved it. I will definitely be picking this up on Blu Ray when it is released May 22.

Hit the jump for all the details.

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Dragon’s Dogma OXM Featured Videos

During my Daily news dosage, I came across two lovely videos on CAPCOM’s latest Eastern RPG, Dragon’s Dogma. OXM editor Matt Lees explains in the first video a new feature called the Pawn system, which I personally thought is the most innovative feature I’ve seen in a video game in the past 10 years. There is also a second guide video on the classes and skills that you’ll find very interesting.

Videos are after the jump.
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Game of Thrones: This Is War Trailer

Here is a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Game of Thrones RPG. I have great hopes for this game and pray it doesn’t disappoint.
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