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Gaijinworks and MonkeyPaw Games Bring Us: Class of Heroes 2 – the Kickstarter!

Vic Ireland from Gaijinworks, and MonkeyPaw Games have decided to join forces, and bring us a great opportunity to show our support for the idea of bringing “Japan-only” RPGs to this side of the pond. MonkeyPaw Games has been hard at work securing the rights to several titles for the PSX that, up until recently, had been sentenced to a “import from Japan” fate. And Vic Ireland has been doing this for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars. Wait, what? You don’t know who Vic Ireland is? For shame!

For those of us that were fortunate enough to own a PSOne many, many years ago, Vic Ireland’s Working Designs was a godsend. Several games that had been released on the Sega CD (an attachment that allowed the Genesis to play CD based games), as well as others that had been hit with the dreaded “Japan-only” stick, were brought to the PSOne by Working Designs. And they did so in style.

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Developers of Hustle Kings Bringing “Pure Chess” to PS3/Vita in April

This is the first I personally have heard of this title and that makes me kind of sad. I enjoy a good game of chess here and there and the Hustle King devs (VooFoo Studios). Pure Chess will be available on the PS3 and the Vita and will support online cross play between both versions. Hopefully they will offer some very nice set pieces and some advanced strategies.


Vanillaware Says Dragon’s Crown is Delayed and Not Cancelled

There have been some rumors about Dragon’s Crown, Vanillaware’s popular title that was due for release on the PS3 and Vita in “Spring”. There should be an official update on the title any day but it looks like that it will at the very least, miss its Spring launch window.



Dokura Announced for the PS Vita

Dokura is developed by GungHo and Published by Gamearts. It is a side scrolling strategy game where you play as Dokura (means skull in Japanese) who is the guardian of the demon world and whose job is the watch the Princess. Seeing the Princess cry evokes a strange sensation in him. He wants to see the Princess returned home so he attempts to lead the Princess to the tower exit.

Playing as Dokuro, you will lead the Princess through the tower attempting to disarm and by pass traps and other problems along the way. Dokuro can transform into a couple of different classes if you will, to allow him to carry out different duties. In Dokuro’s ghoulish form, you have the ability to double jump. If he changes to Hero form, he is capable of carrying the princess.

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