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Nearly A Year After Hackers Forced PSN Offline How Have Your Online Spending Habits Changed? |

April 20th marks the one year anniversary of the malicious attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network that forced the service offline for several weeks. No PS3 owner in any part of the word can forget that day in history.

In North America PSN was down for 23 days, much longer for Asian gamers. When it was all said and done the event cost Sony $171 million. Fortunately for the Japanese electronics conglomerate dedicated PlayStation 3 owners returned in full force once it was all over.

However the days when players would nonchalantly purchase items and goods through the PlayStation Store with their credit cards became a thing of the past.

Despite the fact there have been no confirmed reports of credit card fraud due to the infamous PSN outage of 2011 consumers have demonstrated discipline when it comes to using plastic on the service. As recently as November 2011 PlayStation Network cards reportedly experienced a boost in sales, six months after the event.

As the one year anniversary draws near we’d like to know how have your buying habits been effected by the PSN outage of 2011? Are you confident in the measures taken by Sony after the hacking to use your credit cards again or are PSN cards your only means of making purchases?

  • I removed my card details from PSN and now use PSN cards. But in truth, that didn’t really have anything to do with the hack – I had been planning to switch to PSN cards (or the ‘instant’ codes offered by ShopTo) and cancel the credit card I was using on PSN anyway.

    I’m actually more wary of putting my card details on Live, due to the apparent ongoing account hacking/stealing that they seem to be experiencing. At least with PSN it was a hack which Sony admitted to. Seems many people are losing their Live accounts, and MS keep saying there’s nothing wrong.

  • gotta say my habits on psn have not changed at all. im still willing to give them my credit card details

  • even before the hack, I have been using redeems cards, so that part didn’t really affect me. I am still giving my money to sony whenever I see sales go up.

  • This is a good question — thanks for the thoughtful article, Sakinah! I’m afraid that I still have a credit card on file with PSN. Dumb, I know, particularly as I’ve been the victim of online identity theft in the past. (Way in the past — probably ten years ago.) It’s not that I trust that Sony won’t be hacked again — it’s pure laziness on my part. Lord, it’s so easy to buy things on PSN!

  • I’m with Kane. My habits haven’t changed at all. My local bank branch is ridiculously good about monitoring my cards, and they have ALWAYS insured my money and locked out suspicious charges (even when I made them). I don’t think it’s a big deal and I don’t plan on changing my habits or making my life a bit more difficult just because of a scare.

  • Something else I forgot-I’ve had issues with identity theft before just from using my credit card in stores (some that were actually quite high end so you really wouldn’t expect it). If I let that get to me, I’d have to stop using credit cards all together. I wouldn’t give sony my SSN, but CC? Sure, why not.

  • wolfkin

    short answer is not. I used to use a paypal temp CC back when the PayPal plug-in was a thing, but they shut that down before the hacking. Being abroad I couldn’t use my credit card anyway so.. no change in my habits. I have been buying more since I got suckered into a PSN+ account during a sale.. musta been round new years.

  • Always have used PSN carda, so no problems or changes on that end. Purchaes have been a bir higher due to all the great PS+ sales, but I now have to halt those in order to actually start playing the games in my backlog hahaha.

  • lol and thus why we wont be seeing much of EdEN in the next week

  • Cheeto

    *drinks* Are we still playing the “EdEN mentioned his backlog” drinking game? Isli? lol
    Yes, my purchasing habits have changed. I have taking my Credit card info off and now I purchase cards online. I actually found myself saving more money that way lol

  • Eddie

    I use PSN cards myself. It won’t even except any of my credit cards anymore lol. So nothing changed for myself either.