Playstation Vita Firmware 1.65 Incoming (Update! Firmware Pulled Due to Technical Error)

Some minor tweaks and a couple new options are about to be released to Vita owners in the next update which will be “released soon”.

-Notification Alerts can be turned off
-“After 10 minutes” to the power save settings added
-LiveArea will be updated with a new arrow icon that will point out new acitivites.
-Caps Lock added to the keyboard.

I know many people will be happy about the notifications option being added as the trophies and other alerts can take up a large portion of the screen…but I still love to see them myself.


Just a heads up. The update was released today 4/3/12, however it caused a problem with Adhoc modes and people on Vita could no longer play Monster Hunter vs PSP gamers, etc. So the update has been pulled for now. Hopefully it comes back up today.

Written by: Eddie - Contributing Editor

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