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PS3BlogCast Episode 44 |

April has already arrived and here we are with the first podcast of the month, quickly approaching our first anniversary of the podcast. Luckily we have a good amount of news this week involving DLC, multiplayer modes and rumored hardware specs. Tune in to catch FooBear and I discuss all of it in this episode of the PS3BlogCast!


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Here’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Skyrim DLC This Month?
  • Title Fight Has A New Name?
  • Arkham DLC Inbound?
  • PS4 Rumors
  • Worms Revolution
  • Resistance 3’s April Fools
  • Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Details
  • Kingdoms of Amalor DLC
  • Secret Word
  • Oly

    I get a good feeling…. listening to you guys.. sometimes…

  • wolfkin

    Free Radical.. you forgot they did Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. That’s the game so awesome I played Haze. Honestly I didn’t hate it as everyone seems to. It’s not good I agree but I had fun more or less and I’d play it again if I had a buddy. With my new router if ya’ll want to play Haze next week after Wednesday I’m down.

    Harry Potter is perfectly fine. I read all the book and it’s perfectly entertaining unlike Twilight or even arguably The Hunger Games. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t buy it on DVD since you don’t care.. why waste money on BD versions. I do disagree on one part. The early movies were MUCH better and I’ve only seen up to Movie 4 because I broke up with my girlfriend before the fifth came out.

    Speaking on trends like last week when we were talking about adding qualifiers to your accolades (Best Opening Weekend for a non Sequel franchise, staring a female with a non-palindromic name) etc. Another trend I hate is pre-boxed set. This is particularly evident with Harry Potter but also Twilight. Where they make a boxed set of the series to date. Talk about milking a franchise. It’s like the stores whipping out their wang, slapping you in the face with it and then demanding money for the honor. I don’t understand those people who bought a boxed set of Twilight movies with only three movies? Even people who weren’t fans knew there had to be at least ONE more movie. The same thing with Harry Potter where they made a boxed set after three movies. We all knew there were more movies coming.

    I might be less offended if you sold me a box sex of 1-3 and then the next time you sold me a box set of 4-6 but that’s not what happened in any of these series.. they sold a 1-6 box set. Who is that for? for the guy who wants almost every story? It’s SO frustrating. That’s what you get for mentioning Harry Potter.. i always remember this when someone mentions Harry Potter.

  • Oly

    “I might be less offended if you sold me a box sex of 1-3”
    Me too.. box of sex is always less offensive!


  • wolfkin

    i saw the the typo, thought it was funny and didn’t fix it. Never expected anyone to catch it.. thumbs up to you Oly.

  • sometimes? all the times!

    fist pump!

  • Cheeto

    Great episode. Thank you. BTW, I Am Alive review will be up on the weekend, hopefully!