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New Rhythm Game From Rock Band Creators Ditches Plastic Instruments |

This week Harmonx lifted the lid on a new entry to the Rock Band franchise that does away with peripherals. Called Rock Band Blitz, this new single player, downloadable title for PSN and XBLA closely resembles Amplitude which was also created by Harmonix and released back in 2003 for the PS2.

With a single controller players manage five separate instruments which are each represented on screen by a note track that scrolls from top to bottom. Owners of previous Rock Band titles will be happy to know that many of the tunes from the entire Rock Band library will be supported in Blitz and the 25 new tracks included in the digital title will also be available for Rock Band 3.

Rock Band Blitz is due out this Summer for a yet to be announced price.

Via: Gamespot

  • Then how the heck do you play? Kinect? Move? Or Controller?

  • A regular PS3/360 controller does the trick.

  • wolfkin

    i thought i read it would be something like Rock Band for PSP.

    I’m happy for everyone involved but honestly why aren’t more people questioning whether or not this will work. There’s no way this game will get popular like the last one. Without the instruments where’s the ‘”party time everyone and their mother wants to join in” fun.

  • It plays like Fequency or Amplitude, PS2 games from Harmonix that are aaaaawesome. Go to Youtube and check them out.

  • wolfkin

    I’ve seen the video and it looks similar to the PSP Rock Band which I did play a demo of once (for about 12 minutes) and there’s just something missing for me. I don’t get how you’re supposed to flow thru the game. It’s just a personal thing because I don’t own a PSP yet but I don’t understand when you’re supposed to switch instruments.

    Who knows maybe it’ll turn out better than my limited imagination can think of. I’m very heavily invested in my Singstar library but this summer I have been really considering playing my guitar games.. esp since I have two guitars.