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Upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC |

EA and Bioware have announced two free DLC projects for Mass Effect 3.

The first, slated for release on April 10, 2012, is the Resurgence Pack. It is free DLC for ME3’s coop multiplayer mode. The expansion will include two new maps (hooray!) as well as new weapons, items, and playable races.

The second is Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut, which will include longer, expanded epilogical cinematics. Note that the existing endings won’t be changed, nor will one be provided with additional choices to inform different endings. Instead, “the goal of these new scenes is to provide additional clarity and closure to Mass Effect 3.” Expect this free DLC sometime in the summer of 2012.

Read the Resurgence Pack and Extended Cut press releases.

  • Oly


  • i wonder if this was suppose to cost anything

  • @mowmow: which one? the new ending is only coming thanks to popular demand (outcry), and the multiplayer dlc should be free, as bioware intends to fund it through people spending real money to buy the in-game booster packs, rather than banking enough in-game currency to buy the packs. we’ll presumably start paying for dlc when bioware releases additional single-player campaign content.


  • I always thought this multiplayer pack was going to be paid dlc since I heard rumors about it. EA to me, has always found ways to nickel and dime. I’m just a bit surprised that its free and i’m happy about that (woo geth). Multiplayer dlc I probably wouldn’t buy, but ME3 story dlc I will.

  • @mowmow: Here, here: I wouldn’t buy MP DLC either. But more story, yeah! Although, as an owner of the Collector’s Edition, which includes the day-one DLC ($10 for non-CE owners), I gotta say that the extra mission and character probably aren’t worth the price tag. I’d have been rather miffed had I paid for the DLC by itself. But I’m happy enough with the whole CE package.

  • @premiersoupir i wish there was a behind of the scenes dvd or something with the CE. IMO they day one dlc should have been free. If you brought him to a certain missions, so much more lore and back story is revealed.

  • @mowmow: yeah, lots of additional lore! I was pleasantly surprised when I took him on a few missions on a whim. still, I typically took other party members as they worked better with my build. but anyway, the additional lore probably isn’t worth $10 — and the extra mission was only like twenty minutes long. oh, and the shipboard “robo-dog” is totally stupid and non-interactive.

  • @premiersoupir that robo dog was useless! man what a waste of space. I usually brought garrus and liara or tali with me for that one mission. I’m not sure why i decided to bring him but it worked out.

  • USELESS UPDATE: I’d love to tell you all how the new maps are… but the darn game keeps crashing during play! 🙁