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Releases for the Week (April 9th-15th) |

When April comes around, retail releases tend to go away for a bit. Since April is now in full swing, guess what? Retail releases have gone away! Shocking, right?

The PS3 does get a digital release of the two great formerly retail-only ga…. what? We’re not even getting any of those this weeks? Mmm, are we at least getting a PSOne Classic? No? Mmm… oh, wait, three new PSN releases will be made available, as well as one PS2 Classic game. And there is a special surprise for Vita owners: A free game! Treasures of Montezuma Blitz will be released tomorrow and ALL VITA OWNERS can download it for free. As in, no money down, no monthly payments.

Full list of releases, after you click to read more!

PS3 Retail Releases


VITA Releases

Montezuma Blitz

PSN Releases


Pinball Arcade

Sour Patch

PS2 Classics

Persona 3 FES

  • Eddie

    I like free games 🙂

  • Eddie: Now I just need a free Vita!

  • Oly

    me too

  • anyone that enjoys japanese rpgs needs to pick up p3f. it’s such a great game =D

  • Shin Megami Tensai = Pretty much win.

  • Can’t wait to play that new PS3 game coming out this week!

  • Cheeto

    Skullgirls! It looks fantastic. Here is hoping for a PS+ Discount.

  • Talk about a slow week… doesn’t matter really, I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, last thing I need are more games lol

  • @pedrolabate: You HAVE to buy Persona 3 FES! It’s the right amount of crazy for your entertainment!

  • wow slow week

  • @Kane112: Great week to catch up on my backlog!

  • haha think that means @isli has to drink