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Point Giveaway | Trust Me You’ll Need Them [Update] |

I know we have had a lot of giveaways lately and more are on the way! In fact we have a big one coming soon! So we are doing a random drawing for some points to help restock your point supply. We will use the giveaway system, since it’s easier to keep track of & pick winners.

To be added to the drawing you just need to buy 1 ticket for 25 points. You can increase your chances by sharing it on Facebook, Google+ & Twitter if you’d like. Might as well. Get more points for it.

I’ll pick 15 members at random this Thursday morning and award the points. Remember that double points are still active, so it would be wise to start stocking up your points.

[Update: Winners Below]

1. 2000 points – kennygk
2. 1800 points – maplesniper
3. 1600 points – cheeto
4. 1400 points – Pedro
5. 1200 points – Jay
6. 1000 points – mowmow
7. 900 points – arsenalfox
8. 800 points – Nikibaby219
9. 700 points – Kane112
10. 600 points – insomniac247
11. 500 points – xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux
12. 400 points – premiersoupir
13. 300 points – EdEN
14. 200 points – SubMonkey
15. 100 points – FrenchK

  • free points and forthcoming giveaways — sign me up! thanks, guys! 🙂

  • Woohoo this means something big is coming! 🙂

  • i need more points i’ve been stuck in the 5000’s for 4 or 5 months now ><

  • Why must I be addicted to numbers?

  • Tosh is finally giving away Jay. Whoever wins gets to keep Jaybeard.

  • Oly

    Jay beard is mine!!!

    oh and the points…. my precious…….

  • Great! I’ve got another giveaway or two on the way, so everyone should definitely stock up!

  • woo points giveaway

  • point giveaway? this is new… well, more points is never ever a bad thing!

  • wolfkin

    yes.. yes.. more more.. it will be an explosion of points. I mus thave them all

  • Woo I was just about to message Tosh about my abnormal point count and then I remembered this, most points i’ve ever had!

  • Whaaat, this already happened!? Lame.

  • wooo won more points

  • Ya, you’re only 4k shy of me now :p

  • haha you be quiet

  • sweet 1000 points, now they will quickly be used on giveaways =X thanks for the contest .

  • Cheeto

    1600, boooyeah baby!

  • Thanks!!!!! =^.^=

  • Woot, thanks a ton! ^_^