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[Winner] Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations |

We had 136 entries total in this great giveaway from CyberConnect2 games. Here is a video of us randomly picking the winners.

PaulFierce came up with another set of the exclusive limited editions cards, and therefore, we picked second (Nikibaby219) and third place (The_Nmac) winners that will be receiving them.

A big congrats to Tosh, who will be receiving the game!

  • Oly

    Congrats bossman! .. and Let’s here it for the social entries!

  • Eddie

    Rigged!!!! lol Grats Tosh!

  • Tosh

    Wohoo! Thanks guys 🙂

  • I smell… jealousy! Hahaha.


  • Tosh told me that he won this weeks ago…HMMM

  • congrats !

  • Oly

    I don’t think it was rigged Eddie.. I mean I’m the one that did the random drawing… and Tosh had told me a few days before that when I used the random picker, that if his name didn’t come up to let him know and he would FIX it. But it seemed to work fine, so I don’t think it was even broken…

  • congrats mate

  • congrats

  • Congrats Tosh! Looks like a good win.

  • <><>

  • Never question the Boss, this is a legit win for sure.

    Have a good time with it Tosh!

  • Hmmm it says I won 2nd place woohoo how do i claim my prize Yessss im a noob

  • Oly

    My bad, I messaged the wrong person for their address.. fixed! Should have a PM here on the site..