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Demon’s Souls Servers to be Shut Down Next Month |

The Day is finally upon us when Demon’s Souls’ servers will be shut down. No more extensions by Atlus. May 31st will be the last time you can invade someone’s game and destroy them right before their boss fight. Atlus VP of Sales had this to say in an official statement sent to Game Informer:

On October 6, 2009, North American gamers’ expectations of what an online roleplaying experience could be were forever changed. With Demon’s Souls, gamers received a title of breathtaking scope and vision, a project built on experimental cooperative and competitive multiplayer concepts, offering users both direct and indirect methods of communication and interaction. Elements of every connected player’s single player world carried into the worlds of others, sometimes as nothing more than an echo or afterimage, and other times in the form of an alliance or invasion. With countless hazards to memorize and plan for spread across each of the game’s sprawling dozen-plus worlds, the ability for players to leave hints—or, potentially, deceptions—and to view the final moments of other adventurers’ lives, created an unprecedented form of RPG crowd-sourcing that remains revolutionary to this day.
When subtle interactions were insufficient assistance, players could call across dimensions for assistance, pulling the weakened spirit forms of other adventurers—unable to communicate using conventional voice chat in order to preserve the game’s intense atmosphere—into their worlds to help them defeat the game’s unforgettable boss monsters. Other less altruistic spirit form users could invade the world of living adventurers and try to revive themselves by quite literally stealing that life from another. All of these online elements, all of the ways in which gamers would interact with each other, served to enhance and complement the core game and were designed so as to neither diminish nor distract from the experience and thrill of simply playing the game.
It has been a tremendous honor and privilege for all of our staff at ATLUS to have been involved with so innovative and groundbreaking an interactive entertainment experience. We poured our heart and soul into every facet of our involvement with Demon’s Souls, particularly the title’s memorable Deluxe Edition, which served as the only avenue through which to purchase the game’s official strategy guide. It was also of the utmost importance for us to sustain the game’s online experience as long as possible, even beyond the point at which sales could help to offset the expense. Regrettably, the online servers cannot be sustained forever and now the end draws near.
Thank you to the unparalleled passion and support of the Demon’s Souls community throughout these last two and a half years. The online adventure may end soon, but the memory of it—just like that of every boss strategy, every level floor plan, and hidden secret—lives on in the gamers for whom the game was so special.

I have to applaud Atlus for keeping the servers alive this long. Luckily, Demon’s Souls can be completed to 100% offline. You just wont have the uneasy feeling of Black Phantoms invading, but is that really a bad thing?


  • i think i can hear jason crying

  • RIP Demon’s Souls, one of the best games of all times. You will be missed.

  • wolfkin

    freaking a.. i just got this game

  • SAAAAD. I’m going to go cry in a corner. Jason and I will comfort each other.

  • Well, offline play is still possible, which is great since I’ll be able to do a plat run for this. 80 hours sounds about right?

  • No. the entire black tendency will take a ton of time alone and with out the ability to help others to get pure white tendency your going to need multiple playthroughs to obtain specifi scenarios Eden.

    @Isli I will be holding a memorial the day the servers get shut down and I will bury my copy out back 🙂

  • Haha, plus, there is the Pure Bladestone. 100-300 hours for a plat, depending on luck.

    @Jason: The only fitting end for the game.

  • i played this game for a long time, the only way I got pure white tendency was from one of the server promotions they had. Trying to go from pure dark to pure was a difficult, tiresome task to me. I hope whoever still hasn’t played/beat demon souls yet, take advantage of the servers being still up.

  • wolfkin

    ugh.. sounds like there’s stuff I need to do fast ugh.. research then gaming.. I guess I should just hit up a FAQ.. but this is a slow game i hear punishing on those who would rush thru it.. Mega Man style

  • Pure white tendency. Kill all boss’s while in human form so no biggy. That achieves white tendency in level, not char. Killing the bps related to story obtains pure white char. easy. Pure bladestone, sword of searching in off hand and pure black world tendency in shrine. 3-5 runs youll get it.

  • Getting good enough to know what all that is and how to use it without dying? 1000 hours for Eden 😡

  • Plat is a lot easier offline actually, nobody to mess your tendencies, just make sure you don’t screw up with the events and you’re done.

    Pure Bladestone is a complete pain, first time I tried the plat I made about 150 runs and had no luck, then when I went back I got one on my 4th try lol was my last trophy for the plat 😀

  • Eden, if you hurry, I’ll trade you everything you need! GOGOGOGO.

  • Never played the game, but when ever servers are shut for games, it blows.

  • Yea my brother Platinumed this game. I still haven’t put it in the system. But I can’t finish it in a month i hear it takes like 100 hrs to platy so to hell with that.

  • easy platinum go online and players drop all weapons for trophies. Only reason I havent platinumed yet is I have been making them myself 🙂