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New Vita Action Game – Soul Sacrifice (Update) |

Playstation Vita’s next big game has been leaked by Sinobi’s Twitter (Who leaks a lot of Famitsu info early). Soul Sacrifice will be officially announced on May 10th.

The key themes to the game are “A story about magicians”, ” The concept of evolved co-op battles” and “high spec grahics for creating a realistic fanstasy world”.

It seems that it may be a first party title from SCE. The scans show 4 people fighting a huge monster so this may very well be a Monster Hunter type of clone game. A website has been created for the game but is currently not active. Link.

Update – Teaser site is open and now says “It’s not about cooperation. It’s about fighting shoulder to shoulder.” in the opening sequence.

  • no scans dude 🙂 Tosh get angry, you wouldnt like him when hes angry!

  • Eddie

    This is actually an advertisement scan which are allowed. It was not a news article but a 6 page advertisement so we can post it without getting into any trouble.

  • The more quality games for the Vita, the better. Let’s see how this one develops in the next couple of months.

  • Lumines developer had good news today “And one of the benefits of working on the developer side in Japan is I know for a fact that they’ve got some games that, when they announce them, people are going to forget about all of the problems that they’re imagining with the Vita.”

  • Monster Hunter clone? I’d say Demon’s Souls clone, even the name is similar ;p

  • Eddie

    Most people say Monster Hunter because it seems to be 4 person co-op fighting one huge monster kinda deal.

    and I read that earlier Jason. Hopefully means we are in for some good surprises this E3 and TGS.

  • I see quelagg from dark souls in the screens! Pmed you the link Eddie. This appears to be a demons souls universe game. SCE owns it. super excited

  • Eddie

    Yea I saw some of the images. good stuff indeed.