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New Vita Action Game – Soul Sacrifice (Update) |

Playstation Vita’s next big game has been leaked by Sinobi’s Twitter (Who leaks a lot of Famitsu info early). Soul Sacrifice will be officially announced on May 10th.

The key themes to the game are “A story about magicians”, ” The concept of evolved co-op battles” and “high spec grahics for creating a realistic fanstasy world”.

It seems that it may be a first party title from SCE. The scans show 4 people fighting a huge monster so this may very well be a Monster Hunter type of clone game. A website has been created for the game but is currently not active. Link.

Update – Teaser site is open and now says “It’s not about cooperation. It’s about fighting shoulder to shoulder.” in the opening sequence.


  1. no scans dude 🙂 Tosh get angry, you wouldnt like him when hes angry!

  2. This is actually an advertisement scan which are allowed. It was not a news article but a 6 page advertisement so we can post it without getting into any trouble.

  3. The more quality games for the Vita, the better. Let’s see how this one develops in the next couple of months.

  4. Lumines developer had good news today “And one of the benefits of working on the developer side in Japan is I know for a fact that they’ve got some games that, when they announce them, people are going to forget about all of the problems that they’re imagining with the Vita.”

  5. Monster Hunter clone? I’d say Demon’s Souls clone, even the name is similar ;p

  6. Most people say Monster Hunter because it seems to be 4 person co-op fighting one huge monster kinda deal.

    and I read that earlier Jason. Hopefully means we are in for some good surprises this E3 and TGS.

  7. I see quelagg from dark souls in the screens! Pmed you the link Eddie. This appears to be a demons souls universe game. SCE owns it. super excited

  8. Yea I saw some of the images. good stuff indeed.

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