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PS3BlogCast Episode 46 |

Well it’s another week of slow news and the podcast is here with not as much media meat as we have gotten used to. Though it’s a good episode still, and we hope you all enjoy it.

FooBear and I hold down the fort while discussing new releases, trailers, game details and talk about a miss text moment between the two of us that leads to some laughs. Enjoy!


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Here’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • 007: Legends
  • Darksiders II Delayed
  • Crysis 3 Announced
  • What is happening 4/19/12?
  • Dead Space 3 ousted?
  • Soul Sacrifice
  • Secret Word
  • Cheeto

    Foo the intro looks pretty bad ass mate. I was surprised to find it in my games section. The servers will be online today! I’ll meet you online if you interested. From what I understood its more of small tactical teams doing some objectives. Here is a clip for you to watch friend:

    RDR best game I’ve played in years. Was a little late, but I caught up with the story and it is fantastic. Battlefield 3 rent a server … worst freaking service ever. I was kicked for arming the M-COM, forced to switch teams, banned for leaving C4 on an M-COM “thanks a lot JCM” lol .. I’ve only wanted to play RUSH and have some decent time, but no, EA had to freaking ruin it. Don’t get me started on customizing the number of tickets. Its like getting raped by a Chihuahua, you know the other team doesn’t stand a chance, but you still give it up out of complete boredom. Still, caught up with JCM on a few rush games, good times.

    Good stuff guys, keep em coming.

  • Fun podcast as usual guys. The thing Jcm said about selling the first movie with a big empty box actually made a lot of sense… his BF3 rambling not so much ;p

    I can see how private servers could screw up everything, specially if people decide to get pick and just kick folks around.

  • missxya

    Jcm, it’s Jessie. I hear you talkin’ about me >:O Shoot me a message on Facebook we’ll Revelations some time.
    Make Flashy get it so we can all play.