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Sorcery Story Trailer Released |

In this Story Trailer, join legendary wizard Dash in a magical tale from deep within the Faerie Kingdom. As his apprentice Finn ventures into unknown lands, he unleashes the fury of the twisted and vengeful Nightmare Queen.

This game is looking really good, and I can’t wait to check it out.

Sorcery is coming exclusively to the PS3 and PlayStation Move on May 22.

Also, don’t forget to enter for your chance at a Move Bundle, right here on the site.

  • i would need move for this and kennygk is going to win it

  • And this is how you convince people to buy a Move.

  • Cheeto

    @Jason lol I agree EdEN. I am convinced! This is certainly the game that would make me buy a Move. Spending nights in front of my TV casting magical spells and drinking made up potions! May is the best month we will have since November 2011!

  • Trailer needs to show Move integration. And my god, could the dialogue be worse? It’s what I might imagine goes on in tweeny sitcoms like “Everyone loves Raven.” This was the game that sold me on the Move’s potential when it was previewed at E3 maybe three years ago now, but my interest has faded over the years, and the trailer just isn’t recuperating the magic for me.

  • Looks like a good game, but Move is going to make it great! Honestly, I really hope this is the game that makes all the difference on the Move catalog.