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IMDB Lists Anna Torv as Voice of Nariko For Heavenly Sword 2012? |

IMDB has been updated to list Ana Torv (Fringe) as Nariko for a 2012 Heavenly Sword Title that is currently in post-production. In addition to Nariko, it also lists actors for characters named Loki and Bohan. Does this mean we are getting Heavenly Sword 2? Heavenly Sword Vita? Only time will tell.

  • Oly

    Bring on part 2 for PS3!

  • Hopefully Heaven Sword gets a sequel… and not a Vita port. On second thought, maybe a Vita port is needed in order to spark interest in a sequel? Ok, if so, Vita port it is!

  • A second one. Huh was at gamestop today and say the 1st one used for $15. Would expect it to be less. But Sweet. Still need to play the 1st one. How does this cost more than MGS4? O well

  • It costs more because it is more awesome! I got it for $30 when I bought my PS3 more than 2 years ago, and it was a very fun game.

  • Cheeto

    I know you didn’t say that Heavenly Sword is better than MGS4 EdEN .. take it back

  • wolfkin

    I’m a fan of Anna Torv.. she’s grown on me as a Fringe fan.. so yes I approve this message

  • I like her voice, but I’ve never played any of those games… @cheeto even though I haven’t tried the game, I’m with you, seriously doubt it’s better than MGS4.

  • Eddie

    I’ll take a new Heavenly Sword on the Vita for sure. Not a remake.

  • Oh Anna Torv… so hot, probably one of my favorite actresses, just because of Fringe, by the way did anyone watch last nights episode?

  • wolfkin

    yesh I just finished in a few minutes ago.. wow is that episode explosive. Without major spoilers I do think it’s crazy for a series 19 episodes into this season to just time jump like that. I think they’ve functionally erased the characters from the first season with the notable exception of *censored* as we do see him and he technically hasn’t changed. The only reason I think the show won’t remain in this time skip (unlike say Eureka which has reset it’s universe 3 times now and each time was permanent) is because we haven’t seen *censored*.