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Get Bonus Entries Into The Gophermods PlayStation Move Giveaway! |

I’ve added a new feature today where you can answer trivia questions and get bonus entries into giveaways. So even if you’ve maxed out your entries, here is your chance to get 3 more entries and improve your odds of winning! Head on over to the giveaway entry page to get your bonus entires. Good luck and thank you again to Gophermods for providing this awesome giveaway. This is our highest entry count to date. What is your chance of winning?

  • Cheeto

    Thanks for the bonus entries. My chance is a solid 4!

  • ZFM12

    keeps saying the year is wrong…

  • You really know how to pick hard questions. XD
    But……I got those 3 bonus entries. 😀

  • Tosh

    @ZFM you need to put the year and size in a certain way. I put a example on that page.

  • congratulations knnyg and wolfkin…oh…hehe
    Cool addition Tosh

  • nice more entries. Always good.

  • thats awesome hopefully these extra entries will give me a chance to win =D

  • Thanks for the bonus entries 🙂

  • damn it cant find the answer to the second question need to keep looking

  • Tosh

    Look around on Gophermods site more Kane 😉

  • extra entries are awesome, thanks! 🙂 I wonder, though, if three extra ones is further diluting the pool, though. I feel as if it devalues the other entries.

  • wolfkin

    4% 19/22 whew this is a massive contest and i really need to get my YouTube video done.

  • insight

    Really nice 1% chance now…

  • Tosh

    You still have several more entries to complete insight.