Releases for the Week (April 23rd-29th)

The month is almost over! Has the release schedule picked up the pace?

Well, there is only on retail release, three formerly retail only games getting the PSN all-digital treatment, an Indie match-3 game… and the Walking Dead!

Oh, wait! We also get two PSOne Classics, one PS2 Classic and 2 minis! Guess the Vita was the only one that decided to skip the party… oh, and the PSP. But at this point, of course the PSP is mia! Atlus, XSeed, save us!

Full list of releases, after the break!

PS3 Retail Releases

Prototype 2

You Can Buy Prototype 2 Right Here!

PSN Releases

Walking Dead

Battlefield 3

You Can Buy Battlefield 3 Right Here!<

Cursed Crusade

You Can Buy The Cursed Crusade Right Here!

Bejeweled 3

Grease Dance

minis Releases

Golf Mania

Ikari III

PSOne Classics

Future Cop

Darkstalkers 3

PSTwo Classics

Red Faction

Written by: EdEN - Owner / PR / Editor-In-Chief

  1. #1 by Eddie on April 23rd, 2012 [ 44602 Points ]

    I may check out Walking Dead. Thats about it for me.

  2. #2 by Kane112 on April 23rd, 2012 [ 35672 Points ]

    wouldnt mind checking out the walking dead and prototype 2

  3. #3 by pedrolabate on April 23rd, 2012 [ 39949 Points ]

    I had no idea Walking Dead was coming out this week… I don’t think I’ll be getting it though…

  4. #4 by Eddie on April 24th, 2012 [ 44602 Points ]

    The most important thing coming tonight is Dragon’s Dogma Demo!!!!! Game looks amazing.

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