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SuperBot Entertainment: New Studio, New PS3 Exclusive! |

SuperBot Entertainment is a new game development studio working with Sony on a PS3 exclusive game that will be fully revealed on Thursday.

If Sony as a whole has had one strength, it’s been scouting, cultivating, and retaining game development studio talent. I’m very excited to see what kind of project this team has been working on.

  • i know the game ive been doing research on this group since november and ive known this studio has been working on a title its either gonna be called Title Fight or Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale this is the rumored game thats spoussed to be SSB but with ps3 characters also santa monica studios has been working with them to make this game and it will be fully playable at e3

  • this game will be on gametrailers tv show thursday.

  • So they’re the ones working on the Smash Bros Clone?

  • the totally innovative clone hehe yeah I hated smash bros. I never even saw why people liked it. The idea is totally stupid if you ask me.

  • @Jason:Hater! I’ve clocked well over 200 hours into Smash Bros on Wii. Probably double that on the GC one.

  • I may not give it much attention but Smash Bros is really fun. I’ve been a fan ever since the first one came out on the N64.

    This could be just as good on the PS3, but the “fun” aspect must be kept instead of making a more “realistic” fighting game like MK or something.

  • There aren’t many games like Smash Bros. so it would be great to see a serious contender.