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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Officially Announced |

GTTV just revealed the long rumored PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The title is still in development SuperBot Entertainment but is set to release this holiday season! The character roster revealed so far includes Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Radec from Killzone, PaRappa the Rapper, Sly Cooper, and Fat Princess. Third party characters were confirmed, but not revealed.

The Smash brothers type game, will allow up to four players, in a 1 vs 3, 2 vs 2, or free-for-all modes. All four players can choose the same character if they wish.

Hit the jump for more details, pictures, and the complete reveal on GTTV.

Radec was shown with a jetpack and was able to go into a first person mode, while Sweet Tooth has access to his ice cream truck robot form. Sly with have his friends helping out, and Fat Princess will have her whole kingdom helping her.

Levels are all dynamic, and include areas God of War, one having Patapon fighting Hades, and a LBP inspired level, that builds the play area as the game progresses. Buzz! also appears and asks trivia questions that can be answered for bonuses in the game.

Over all the game look like it will be fun and incorporate many of the characters we know and love.

I’ll be bringing you more info directly from E3 this June, but for now, check out the episode of GTTV revealing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Source = GTTV

  • I really am hoping they pick a new name for it. The one they have is a mouth full. lol XD

  • & I think I set myself up for some jokes. πŸ˜›

  • I really expected a fighting game, but like SFIV, Marvel vs Capcom and MK.
    I am not big fan of this Smash Bros. type,i played about 3 times on my wii only.
    I know that the SCE is doing this game to have another alternative for family fun, could be work it or not.
    I liked the scenarios of the fights on this trailer.

  • Bravo Sony, for directly copying Super Smash Bros!

  • Oly

    I agree Pai I played smash bros about 4 or 5 times.. and even my kids tired of it in about a week.
    @SubMonkey πŸ˜‰

  • First, Power Stone probably should get some credit for establishing this brawler genre alongside Smash Bros. I loved Smash Bros, but it looks like SuperBot is taking the basic formula and running with it. Smash Bros had lots of really obscure or just lame characters: like Lucas or Ice Climbers or obscure Pokemon/StarFox guys. Sony’s roster seems far better, the levels look awesome, and the basic technology level looks better (Wii Smash Bros Brawl looked like a PS2 game) and I’m optimistic that SuperBot will implement better game balance, mechanics, and fun elements.

  • so lame. Hated smash bros. This type of game you play once and have had enough. Wish sony the best but ps3 owners arent little kid minded fools like nintendo players hehe

  • @Darrin: WHAT? Don’t know on what TV you played Brawl, but at 480p it looks great on a 40″ 1080p LCD. Sony’s franchises are too young, and they don’t have that many. Not feeling the GoW or LBP stages, for example.

  • Eddie

    Hate Smash Brothers and I probably wouldn’t be into this game either. It’s not a direct copy however. Sure the base formula is similar but the as Darrin said, they are taking the formula and running with it.

  • @Oly πŸ˜›

  • lol, so much hate for super smash bros! πŸ™‚ gotta say I loved the original n64 version. hated the gamecube follow-up, and I haven’t played any since then (if there have been any more — I don’t know). but sony’s really reaching here, as the company simply doesn’t have the roster of beloved characters that nintendo boasts. fat princess? really? I mean, I love that game (was a member of a fat princess clan!), but the game is a one-off, not a franchise, and it surely has virtually zero street recognition (vs. mario, link, samus, donkey kong, and pikachu, for instance).

  • maybe its just me but I was never really interested in the smash series, so this big mash up i’m sure will be fun but won’t really interest me. Although I have to admit I am really curious what characters will be included and how many 3rd characters will be in there.

  • Cheeto

    I don’t understand the hate this game is raising. It is clearly based on Nintendo’s Smash Bros. but honestly most games are either a rip-off of other famous ones or have taken the same formula with some minor improvements. This game in particular looks like a serious competitive in the genre.

  • For years, Sony PlayStation fans across the Internet have been begging and nagging Sony to make this game. Sony should give their fans what they want.

    @Eden, I played Brawl on a 52″ 1080p plasma. It wasn’t just the resolution, the 3D models and shaders just felt very PS2 level. It didn’t ruin the game, it is still a ton of fun, but getting substantially better visuals on PS3 is nice. I’m more excited about the rest of the game. The Sony character roster is way, way more interesting to me. The mashup levels look amazing. And I’m optimistic about the experienced team at Superbot making mechanicical improvements to the brawler formula.

  • wolfkin

    ==Sony’s roster seems far better,==

    This part I completely disagree with. I was actually going to point out how much weaker Sony’s selection is. Right now we only know 6 to be fair but out of those six we have a random dude from some FPS? Fat Princess is a perfect character for this in design but I worry most people don’t really know that game.

    It does look like they’re taking RIGHT from brawl down to the Smash Ball which is what I’m assuming that SweetTooth robot is all about. Still i consider it a bit early to hate on the game so while I’m interested I’m still waiting to see how the rest of the game works. Things like items, customization how much randomness there is in the game (tripping in Brawl ruins competitive strength of the title)

  • Eddie

    It’s opinions like one of Wolfkin’s that really make me scratch my head ( no offense lol ). Fat Princess seems perfect? for what? Without even seeing the rest of the roster, I can tell you that she would be the one I liked the least and still has me scratching my head as to why she is in any other game besides Fat Princess lol.

  • Well at least Playstation fan’s have their “Brawl” now. I still don’t think it’s not really a “fighting” game cause it’s just mashing buttons, but it’s something for the kids you know? Get them in the genre.

  • O yea btw, if this takes off….. You Know we are going to have Sony vs Nintendo

  • @wolfkin,

    I don’t think many people care about Nintendo’s Mario as an actual character either: people love the creativity that bursts from all the levels in Super Mario Galaxy, but no one cares about Mario’s dialog or the character itself. Mario is just the face of the games.

    Same with Killzone or Buzz. No one cares about the names of the Killzone characters of the Buzz announcer as a personality. People like the games and the characters are just representations of the games.

    The only real “characters” I like in the fictional sense are Rockstar’s characters like John Marston from Red Dead Redemption or the protagonists from Bully or Manhunt or the GTA games. And honestly, that’s not the kind of thing I want in a brawler. I’d rather have the Killzone guy fight Parappa.

  • wolfkin

    @Eddie Fat Princess as a character physically I mean. She’s cartoonish, and distorted which is what I want in a 4 man brawler. It’s the opposite of a Head to Head fighter. In a Street Fighter game, I value the characters looking like real people. In the 4 man brawler I value the opposite. Radec as a Helghast sounds cool to someone who never played Killzone till you google a Helghast and realize that beyond the eyes they just look like pretty much any WW1 soldier. Sweet Tooth is distorted but, odd as this may seem, I see ST as a more serious character. (not to say that I’m against ST in the game like I’m not a fan of the Helghast)

    Beyond merely that, it’s more about uniformity. The aesthetic of these games isn’t one person vs another. It’s this collection of “characters”. That’s why I never really got into Solid Snake in Brawl because having such a straight up human in the midst of pretty much every other character there just felt off. The same way some people don’t particularly like Yoda in Soul Calibur. I don’t think it’s just the height and hitbox issues. I believe it’s the fact that Yoda as a small green alien clashes with the rest of the Soul Calibur roster whom are all human. Even Spawn, Heiheichi, and Link are all pretty much standard human (aesthetically).

    It’s hard to put the right emphasis on this in text, but when I say “characters” @Darrin I’m not necessarily talking about the personality of Mario and definitely not the personality (or lack thereof) of the Fat Princess. I’m referring to the general physical character design. After all in a crossover is the one time we don’t play the personality and only play the character design. I think the Helghast looks like a human. That may be great for a story, fantastic for Killzone’s story even, but I think that makes for a boring brawl character from a physical character design point, but that’s just my personal opinion. If you happen to think that the Helghast looks different enough from a normal human to make it interesting then that’s just where we disagree. People will buy a Mario button (as in a round metallic type button) for their backpack and that button will sell to all kinds of people based on the character design alone. That button can be Mario’s hat, Mario’s Head, or Mario’s full body. He has a distinct and attractive character design that people love. By contrast the Helghast buttons wouldn’t sell as widely. I think the Head one would sell because it’s an interesting design and the fully body wouldn’t because at full body it just looks like a normal person with glowing eyes wearing a mask and only a KillZone fan would want it. The Fat Princess would sell like Mario a full body, her chubby head, and possibly just her cake/crown for the people who know what it is. That’s the difference between a Chris Redfield and Sly Cooper. True people may not care about Mario’s personality but he’s practically a teaching manually on love based almost purely on character design.

    Apologies for being really long winded here but I’m really trying not to be that guy who hates the Sony brawler because I’m a fan of the other one. That’s why I’m letting some stuff go. I’m entirely open to liking this game and one/two character/s does not a game ruin. It’s really going to depend on how the rest of the game unfolds. There are many aspects of this game I do unequivocally like. From what I could see it does look great. PaRappa is basically your Game and Watch and I think it would have been amusing for them to keep him in 2D but I’m actually very interested in how he particularly turns out. Of the six above I think he’s the most quintessentially “Sony”. I think it’s likely we get a Crazy Taxi driver and that driver could look like anything. After all it’s not like most people know who Captain Falcon was before SSB.

    @darklurkr23 that’d be interesting wouldn’t it, but we’re a long way from having that particular mashup. The occasional Sony character is one thing.. that’d be up to a single publisher/developer but straight on head to head would require either cross platform game or one of them to let their characters go on the other console. Two very unlikely compromises. This guys are bull headed you know… still that might be a game I buy on week one if it ever happens.

  • Ok, list all Sony franchises from which they can take characters. Tell me they’re not completely ripping off Super Smash Bros. Carry on.

    @premiersoupir: Get a Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge amount of content, arcade and story mode, lots of extras to unlock.

  • @wolfkin, Mario has an iconic society wide appeal that Sony’s characters will never have. You’re right, I don’t think anyone, not even Sony fans, would wear a Killzone t-shirt or backpack or lunch box. But, when I want a zany cross game mashup smash-em-up game, Sony’s game roster is perfect. Patapon, Buzz, Ratchet & Clank, LBP… All those game fit perfectly into the zany mashup fighter game. A Killzone Helghast is exactly the type of character I want to play: awesome costume, cool weapons, and it’s not too serious where it feels at home in a silly button mashing brawler.