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Releases for the Week (April 30th-May 6th) |

April has decided it is time to say goodbye, and is opening the door for May to wreak havoc on our wallets.

As was the case last week, there is only one PS3 retail release, but it is joined by one Vita upgraded port of a former PS3 game.

The PS2 Classic series has two new releases, and Awesomenauts might/might not release this week since the publisher just filed for bankruptcy (why they didn’t wait until AFTER the game released, I do not know). Let’s not forget that Awesomenauts is set to be free for all PS+ subscribers, so I do hope things are sorted out.

To round things up, we also have one minis release (Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims), which basically means that the PSOne Classics label is the only one not invited to the party this time around… what? Legend of Dragoon is releasing this week as well? Ok, forget all other releases, buy Legend of Dragoon the second after the store updates!

Full list of releases, after the break!

PS3 Retail Releases

Sniper Elite V2

You Can Buy Sniper Elive V2 Right Here!

Vita Releases

Mortal Kombat

You Can Buy Mortal Kombat for Vita Right Here!

PSN Releases


Battelfield Bad Company 2

You Can Buy Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Right Here!

CoD Black Ops

You Can Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops Right Here!

Cod MW2

You Can Buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Right Here!

Disney Universe

You Can Buy Disney Universe Right Here!

Doc Clock Sandwich

minis Releases

Floating God Pilgrims

PSOne Classics

PSTwo Classics

Max Payne PS2

Rayman 2 Revolution

  • come on max payne 3 is almost out they should have put 1 and 2 up on psn

  • They’ll probably do Max Payne two in a week or so, to drive up interest on 3.

  • Eddie

    I’ll rent MK for the vita. I played it and beat it on PS3 already.

  • @Eddie: But you didn’t platinum it, right?

  • Eddie

    No lol. Generally not a goal of mine. I only have a couple of platinums. And most Vita games will give you trophies even if you played the PS3 version.

  • O man Legend of Dragoon AND Max Payne same day? WOOOOT.

    Still wish they would’ve made a Max Payne collection w/ trophies but maybe if sales are good they’ll think about it 😀

  • wolfkin

    so what I’m the first one to talk about Sniper Elite? that demo was fun ya’ll. If the game gets cheap, and the lack of talk suggest it will, I happily will grab it.

  • hmm sniper elite seems kind of interesting to me. But the big one for me is Dragoon. I never played it but all my friends said it was awesome back then, so i guess i’ll most likely be picking it up.

  • Oly

    Sniper Elite demo sold me.. I’ll be reviewing it sometime soon 😉

  • Great old titles huh? Legend of Dragoon and Max Payne are definitely worth it. I will be trying Sniper Elite as well, but I’m not really convinced yet.