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[PSN Review] Jurassic Park: The Game Episode 3

In Jurassic Park: The Game – Episode 3, the group looks for escape through the dark maintenance tunnels that connect the park, while being hunted by relentless pursuers. Uneasy partnerships teeter on the brink until simmering tensions explode and the survivors turn on each other.

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Skype Releases Today On Playstation Vita

Today Skype will launch on the Playstation Vita. It will utilize both the forward and rear facing cameras as well as allow Skype calls mid game! You can run Skype in the background and it will keep you logged in the entire time which is something that Microsoft based smart phones won’t even do. Be sure to download the app tonight and Skype away!


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Amazon Gold Box Deals Today 4/24/12

Amazon is running some gaming deals for the PS3. Make sure you check them out.

Deal of the Day: Mass Effect 3 for 50% off

6:00AM PDT – Wireless gaming headset

8:00AM PDT – Playstation Eye

9:00AM PDT – Playstation Move

10:00AM PDT – Playstation Move Navigation Controller

11:00AM PDT – Move gun attachment

12:00PM PDT – King of Fighters 13

2:00PM PDT – Final Fantasy XIII-2

5:00PM PDT – Arcade Fighting Stick Controller

8:00PM PDT – LEGO Adventure for Nintendo DS

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Releases for the Week (April 23rd-29th)

The month is almost over! Has the release schedule picked up the pace?

Well, there is only on retail release, three formerly retail only games getting the PSN all-digital treatment, an Indie match-3 game… and the Walking Dead!

Oh, wait! We also get two PSOne Classics, one PS2 Classic and 2 minis! Guess the Vita was the only one that decided to skip the party… oh, and the PSP. But at this point, of course the PSP is mia! Atlus, XSeed, save us!

Full list of releases, after the break!

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