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Call of Duty Black Ops II Reveal Trailer |

Just when the industry thought they figured out the Call of Duty formula, Treyarch switches it up and gives us a futuristic look at what the world may become. With that the world premiere trailer is downright straightforward and it looks like we wont be stuck in the jungles of Vietnam in the next installment. Enough talk, just watch.

Also those flying drone things are real. As seen here by my favorite youtube channel FPSRUSSIA:

  • As long as this game has Zombies I will be happy. lol

  • Oly

    I won’t be buying this!! I’ll be getting it free with my free admission to the COD XP 2012!!
    It has big potential!
    Zombies FTW!

  • @Oly You are lucky.

  • Sigh, as much as i hate to admit it, I might end picking this one up like i did MW3, bc the campaign for that game was epic. Though alot of BO2 looks like Ghost REcon to mean, Ill go with it. Looks Ima have to start on the plat for BO now. Sigh I hate life, and college is starting in august for me FML so many game so little money and time now.

  • haha your free admission @oly hope your trying to get me one too

  • wolfkin

    so I’m confused is CoD now just hopping b/c Black Ops and Modern Warfare now?

  • wolfkin

    you know far be it from me to complain about realism in a video game. I hate those types of people but honestly I’m not attracted to the deceptive warfare aspect I’m seeing. GRFS has it’s motto as “Only the dead fight fair” and they’re saying pretty much the same thing here with BO2 “those who are willing to do what others can not”. I just don’t think it’s ok to assassinate a real foreign head of state who is still alive in a video game. Everyone want to talk about video games being something more and honestly stuff like that kinda worries me more than all the rampant killing, sex and/or gore.

  • After seeing the trailer, I don’t think I want to get this game. For some reason I feel like blackops is taking ideas from the ghost recon series.

  • Oly

    of course Kane!

  • “the future is black..” I hope that doesn’t apply to our next president. LOL

  • Look at what they posted on twitter:

  • It put a lot of question marks over my head. lol