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PS3BlogCast Episode 47 |

We’ve returned! I know you’ve all been wondering where we have been and we’re back! Sorry you missed us last week there were some technical difficulties on our normal recording day and unfortunately we were unable to find any time the rest of the week due to busy schedules, but here we are!

A lot of big news came out in the time we were away and we’re going to recap everything there was. As a side note we may or may not move our recording days to Sunday to better fit FooBear’s new schedule, of which you’ll hear about on the podcast of course. We’re going to give a test run this weekend to see how it goes and if all is well then we’ll let you know!

It’s good to be back. Now the podcast!


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Here’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • God of War: Ascension
  • PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale
  • New Releases
  • Skyrim Dawngaurd
  • PS+ Questionare
  • LittleBigPlanet Karting
  • Catching up with FooBear
  • Secret Word
  • Hey, if you download SKYPE for the Vita you get 60 mins in SKYPE Credits for free.

  • First and foremost, congrats on the new job Foobear, I wish you the best of luck.

    I’m particularly not excited about the two “big PS3 titles” announced in the past weeks, those being GoW and PSASBR (lol, this name is crap), both games still have a lot of convincing to do as far as I am concerned.

    Finally, I know this isn’t a PS3 title, but why is everyone forgetting that Diablo III comes out on the 14th?!?! Are you seriously not excited about it? Honestly, I don’t see how any other release would be more important.

  • GoW going multiplayer just feels like a “let us sell you an Online Pass” moment, and the Super Smash Bros clone is too bland.

  • Great Cast this week guys. I’ve missed a like 2-3 of them XD

    Glad to here you got a job Foo. Now get me job in Advertising for the company 😀

  • wolfkin

    wow.. while I respect your opinion the “ring out” as you call it is what makes smash brothers interesting. It means if the better your skill the longer you can survive while at the same time if you suck you can still whittle away and eventually take a life. Playing Smash with a life bar (it’s doable) always feels like a bad version of normal H2H fighters.

    and am I seriously the only one not bummed out by the name?

    In terms of PS characters Ijust don’t think they have enough of them that are mascotty enough to be in a brawler.. they /would/ need 3rd party support.

    Walking Dead – try the demo. as a game it is in the same genre as BTTF, S&M and stuff but it actually is more engaging than the traditional Point and Click games. the demo really shows you this. If you like the demo i think you’ll like the game.

    I’ll get to the rest of the podcast laster.

  • @Wolfkin – You’re not the only one who thinks the name is ‘eh’ and I’m sure they’ll pull all of the famous 3rd party franchises that had mega hits on their consoles.

  • I would argue most of Smash’s cast was not well known when it first came out. Hell, I think anyone under 16 probably doesn’t know 75% of Smash Bros cast.

  • wolfkin

    @Isli outside of Captain Falcon and Ness I actually do think all the characters in Smash 64 were pretty well known. When you boot up that game Fox is your least known character. In Melee I’d say about 8 characters relatively unknown including Falcon and Ness again out of 25. I’ll give you 9 if you want to throw in Doc Mario.

    But like i said i don’t really want to take this really off topic. I will stand my assessment that the Sony line up as it stands now (a mere 6 of unknown number of characters) is more weak than it is strong, but I fully expect it to get a lot better when they start character leaking. What makes me worried actually is the fan lists. The fan lists for Smash were always imaginative you’d have characters of all sorts of types in there.. Mega Man, Olimar, Shy Guy, Navi. Sure it could be argued w’re dipping in the same games over and over but the characters are different. When we dip into say Final Fantasy fanlists we get what to an outsider looks like kid with sword, boss with sword, another guy with sword. You have to know the game to tell them apart. I remember listening to a GDC on the importance of sillouettes and a lot of random people online don’t get that. I do have complete faith that these developers do. Though I do think pre-ordering is a bit pre-mature.

  • True, when 64 came out, many of the characters were more well known, but the same would have happened if this came out for PS1. People wouldn’t question who Crash Bandicoot was, etc. And to be honest, I can’t tell the difference between most of the pokemon in the game. I think that the game will be fine, but a lot of people seem to think that Nintendo characters are just *that* much more recognizable when they really aren’t for the younger generation-same as Sony.

  • Smash Bros is a cool game, but don’t tell me the roster is made of 100% well know fighters from established franchises… Seriously, Olimar, Mr. Game Watch, Ice Climbers arguably Marv and some others are certainly not “mainstream” characters.

    Sure, PS Battle Royale will suffer from the same problem at first, but this might even help to “raise awareness” to those “forgotten” games.