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Amazing Vita Deal from Amazon! |

If you have waited to buy a Vita the wait is over. Amazon is making this deal to sweet to pass up. You get the wifi version of the Vita which is great, 4gb memory card, and Mortal Kombat. Say what? $249 is the sweet asking price. I got Mortal Kombat day 1 and I can tell you its the best package out for Vita hands down, the challenge tower that was added to the Vita version warrants a purchase alone. The deal ends May 12th so order it soon! Page can be found HERE.

  • Still too expensive. Needs to be $179 before I get one. And the memory card prices need to be lower as well.

  • $249 for skype/phone-internet-party chat-camcorder digital-camera-twitter-psp-games-mp3 and music service-netflix-AR-memory card and mk to boot. your crazy. I cant see this ever coming down in price in the near future.

  • Damn… that’s sooo cheap! It’s “on sale” for “just” U$ 730,00 here ):

    If we had it for that price tag I’d certainly get one. @Eden no way this bundle should cost the same as a solo 3DS.

  • Oh, I wasn’t talking about this bundle. Since I already own Mortal Kombat on PS3, I’d rather see a $179 base system with nothing but the Vita, and for the (eventually) 64 GB Memory Cards to be at $50 at most. Propietary Memory Cards are just wrong. I can get a 32 GB SDHC card for my 3DS at only $25. The Wii U will do things right by allowing SDHC (and SDXC), as well as external HDDs (non-propietary) as its storage solution, aside from the 8-16 GB of on board flash memory for system updates and extras.

  • <--shoots self

  • Eddie

    Eden says “I understand its a blu-ray player but until its the same price as my DVD player, I’m not buying it” lol.

  • hmmmmm. i really want 1.

  • @Eddie: Hahaha, not the same! The PS3 as a bluray player I can understand but, right now, Vita is mostly a “PS3 to Vita” ports machine. And the prices for memory cards are crazy, as is the excuse by Sony: “to combat piracy”. Even more crazy when we know the Vita was hacked during the first month.

    @Jason: 3DS has Netflix, AR, takes 3D pictures, has 3D video, lots of games, is actually backwards compatible with all DS games and uses cheap SD and SDHC cards as storage. I’m good.

  • Eddie

    @Eden. Vita has still not been hacked. The PSP however has been hacked several times over even on the Vita, but the Vita itself and its components are still unhacked. Besides, this package is only $30 different from the 3DS with the free game involved.

    Also the proprietary cards were designed to give developers a constant speed in which games could be played from. SD cards vary in speeds depending upon class and other stats which could kill a gaming experience if it is a low speed card or perhaps not work at all.

  • wolfkin

    @eden not to take you off track but have we confirmed 8-16GB on board storage for WiiU? I’m trying to decide if I should be pleased with this or annoyed. Less than 40GB should be pathetic but it’s Nintendo so more than 10GB is actually mildly surprising.

  • @wolfkin: 8 GB is the last I heard from a contact, with a 2 GB or bigger SDHC (8 GB) included in the package, which is good enough for system updates and a download here and there. Anything higher would be welcome but not needed for me since I’m buying a 1 TB external HDD for $100, which is cheaper than buying Memory cards for Vita.

  • wolfkin

    @eden ehhh 8GB on board is small. I honestly don’t expect them to let us run the games off external drives.. don’t know why seeing as how I’m pretty sure we can run WiiWare of SD cards last I checked. Still.. 8GB does give you some room for game updates and what not. I really really really hate the idea of games being updated but it is nice to not be limited.

  • @wolfkin: It was confirmed since E3 2011 that we will be able to use an external HDD as a storage solution. SD, SDHC and SDXC cards are also something else to use for strorage on Wii U. No propietary storage media like Sony on Vita an MS on 360. That way, Wi U can launch at a lower price, and we can just pick our storage media after that. I already have a 16 GB SDHC on my Wii console, so I can just use that and the 1 TB HDD and be set for the rest of the life of the Wii U. All for less than what Sony charges for the 32 GB Vita Memory card.

  • God I hate Sony’s proprietary solutions. Anyone remember Sony’s portable music players that only accepted ATRAC format, not MP3? Yeah, didn’t think so. And Blu-ray is such a nightmare. I love my PS3, but I really wish that HD-DVD had won that format battle.

  • wolfkin

    @premiersoupir dude I remember Minidisc players and as annoying as I’m sure it was to convert everything to ATRAC. The Minidisc is one of the best portable music formats of all time. I LOVE minidisc. Those things were great. If only they hadn’t locked it into ATRAC it could have in the most literal sense replaced the CD. It was that good.

    HDDVD? that must be spite. Noone cared about the differences between the HDDVD and BD. I doubt right now most AV nerds couldn’t list you 5 of those differences right now. I remember people going HARD like it mattered back in the day. I kept telling people it doesn’t matter. Heck even DVD -> BR isn’t a leap that most people care about. DVD like the Wii was special and won’t be repeated.

  • @wolfkin: Oh, I can still list reasons! 🙂 And I wouldn’t even call myself an AV nerd. Dunno if I got five, but here goes:
    1. HD-DVD’s Java-based menu programming for more interaction (possibility of games, etc.)
    2. Blu-ray rushed to market thanks to HD-DVD pressure so that early adopters, with BR 1.0 or 1.1 spec actually can’t play some BR discs released later. It also wasn’t until BR 1.2, I believe, that BR+ was finally implemented for networked content.
    3. BR’s god-awful DRM, that “won’t be cracked for twenty years!!!1!!111!” Less than a year later, of course, AnyDVD does just that, and the consumer is left with the encumbrance of the totally pointless DRM.

    So I guess only three come to mind. 🙂 Note that I didn’t have a dog in the fight at the time. I didn’t buy my ps3 until well after HD-DVD was moribund, and I certainly hadn’t purchased a player for either format before my ps3. It seemed clear to me simply as a rather indifferent observer vaguely following this stuff at the time that HD-DVD was the better format. But then, so was Betamax, arguably.

    I agree with your point about the DVD phenom not repeating if by that you mean that physical media are dead. I couldn’t actually tell you when I last put a disc in a drive to watch a movie.

  • wolfkin

    @premiersoupir a) I think HDDVD would have been cracked just as easily and would be just as annoying. If there’s one thing you can bank on it’s that people will crack it. Anything, everything, all the time. b) I don’t think it’s really fair to specify content provider reasons. not because they aren’t valid but because people who buy movies.. don’t care about DRM. In this case your argument that HDDVD had better DRM doesn’t matter to someone going to the store to pick up a disc. It’s not an invalid point just one that doesn’t matter to consumers. Actually i take that back if you argue that HDDVD’s DRM wasn’t as cumbersome. That reason iTunes took off was that it’s DRM wasn’t a bloody annoyance to work with. If HDDVD’s DRM wasn’t terrible it’s possible that people would have bought it for that.

    Java-based menus. I’ve heard the arguments but honestly I don’t think it matters that much. MOST people don’t even watch the DVD commentary. Personally I LOVE extra features. It’s the only reason I would buy a BD. But I’ve never met (or heard of) anyone who wasn’t already a gigantic nerd who has more than a middling to passing interest in the DVD commentary much less multiple ones, or other featurettes. The idea that more complex menuing and/or games would be accepted is something that (I admit.. in my opinion) I just don’t see becoming popular. Now one thing i HAVE championed that isn’t being done nearly often enough is putting games ON BD movies. The only real examples I have are Watchmen (backwards.. they put the movie on the game) and I want to say Battle:LA which on it’s BD has a demo for… what COD or something? Resistance 3?. EVERY BD should have at least a demo if not a game even if it’s just a mini ON DISC. After all you aren’t all Scott Pilgrim with 4 DVD commentaries and like 5 extra videos. I see BD all the time with just 1 or 2 commentaries..use up that extra space man. Can I get a demo at least?

    Now 2 is interesting because it represents what I think is the biggest flaw of BD. The fact that it has firmware that gets upgraded.. that means if I buy my Dad a BD player one day he won’t be able to go to the store and buy a disc to watch. I consider this functionally broken and unacceptable. Firmware updates should never be a part of video playback. If you are telling me that this was NEVER a concern with HDDVD than I will concede that point. I’ve been under the assumption that this same issue would occur.

    I didn’t have a dog in the fight but I knew BD was going to win from the start. The fact that it was built in to the PS3 combined with the fact that I believe noone cares about the differences means that more people will buy BDs than HDDVDs and as far as I can tell that’s exactly what happened. BD didn’t win because it was better or more favored.. but because Sony literally forced you to buy it if you wanted to play video games.

    When I was referring to the DVD phenom I don’t think physical media is dead.. far from it. I merely meant in terms of popularity/adoption like the Wii. When DVDs were released EVERYONE bought DVDs. There was a HUGE difference and LOTS of benefits in comparison to drawbacks vs VHS. We’re talking
    – smaller sizes
    – leaps better quality
    – less degradation
    – no more rewinding
    – whata!?!? DVD Commentary?

    DVD -> BD/HDDVD was much less appealing
    – slightly shorter boxes?
    – slightly better quality but only if you know how to properly buy and then set up your complex TV
    – even more commentary
    – heaps more money

    DVDs worked with what you had. Buying a BD meant you had to buy a new HD TV. I admit that it’s possible there’s a SLIGHT exaggeration on the difficulty but I know more people even now who haven’t upgraded to HD TV than not and even among those that HAVE I can’t say most of them are comfortable setting up a BD player vs DVD player. (yada yada yada HDMI is one cord yada yada.. i know this).

    I think the consistency of the DVD/BD combo pack has been rather indicative. I’ve discussed it with others who point out that not only these but the rise of digital content has also eaten BD’s popularity and I try not to think about that.. if videos go digital only I’ll punch the next baby I see.

  • @wolfkin: Great, thoughtful reply! Mine won’t be nearly so depthful, but I thought I’d briefly respond to a few points. On the DRM issue, a major difference was that HD-DVD didn’t mandate that discs use DRM, whereas it’s a format requirement for BR. This fact, coupled with Sony’s starry-eyed (and surely rather disingenuous) claims about the security of their protection scheme was a major (the biggest?) factor in many studios’ decision to back BR. Of course HD-DVD’s protection was cracked almost immediately — that’s entirely my point: DRM is a pipe dream that does little except aggravate consumers and mollify misled studio execs. For instance, with BR DRM, a slightly faulty HDMI cable, which pushes AV absolutely perfectly through anything else, can cause a BR player to refuse to send a signal through it. Thus the consumer has to buy a new cable to play the content, despite the fact that the cable is otherwise perfectly fine. And pity the poor person who goes to Best Buy and spends $80 on a Monster cable because s/he doesn’t know any better.

    I’m sure that HD-DVD (would have?) had firmware updates, but by the time that the format died, to my knowledge, there were no backwards compatibility issues, whereas in that same period, BR had two major bouts of that issue, with fw 1.1 and then 1.2.

    Yeah, I don’t know that the Java-based system would have amounted to anything awesome, but hey, we’ll never know now. I’m pretty confident, though, that people would have developed awesome, innovative applications for it.

    I respect your appreciation for director’s commentary and so on. I love it as well, but only for particular releases. The Criterion Collection, of course, is the best example of how to do right by great films. But I could care less about commentary on Summer Blockbuster 6. Anyway, maybe that market will continue to exist, but it will become an increasingly niche segment. Joe the Plumber doesn’t care about the extras. In fact, Joe, a Walmart aficionado, is going to his local big box store right now and converting all of his physical media to streaming digital versions:

  • wolfkin

    I heard about the Vudu thing and I think it’s just way too complex to be a viable business model outside of your niche customers. Even if money wasn’t an issue as much as I’d like to futureproof my movies having to choose now means if I go BD I’ll be without my vids for however long until I get a new TV. Going SD means I’ll be permanently behind the board. Have they had much success with it?

    Not mandated ehh? that would have been interesting. Oh wow.. i DO remember reading an article on tha tnow that I’m typing this. I doubt anyone would have opted out of that but the indies still it would have been nice for them to have that option.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought there was an “in case of emergency” clause in BD that if the AV connection faulted it would just default to 480p. I remember reading that you COULD do 720p via component but as a form of DRM later BDs force a limit of 480p unless you use HDMI.

    I’m just weird like that but I’ll watch DVD commentary on anything I own. if I ever get my stuff together I will consider actually marathoning all 4? Scott Pilgrim Commentaries. Heck I’ll watch the Ferngully commentary if there is one. (on DVD). I hear a lot of this “Criterion Collection” one day I’ll get around to looking it up.. maybe if I find one cheap I’ll get one.