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Starhawk out today! Great news! |

Future map packs will be free for Star hawk! In a generation of gaming where you feel nickle and dimed to death just to get a piece of dlc that you felt should have been on the disc in the first place, this is how you launch a game and gain a fan base folks. The team had this to say:

…there was a lot of discussion here at LightBox Interactive and Sony Santa Monica on how best to support the community and keep our player base all together as one cohesive group. We really didn’t like how in Warhawk when we released a new map pack, it forced these divisions on our players. And after we released three expansions, our player community was pretty fractured. With Starhawk that ends! We are incredibly excited to announce that all map packs for Starhawk will be free. Yeah, you read that right…FREE. Whenever we release a map pack you won’t have to pay a friggin’ dime! And we’ve already started the early stages of our next map pack for you guys. Check out these very early sketches from the new planet of Cypress! A lush, swampy world that’s home to an abandoned research facility that many years ago was responsible for researching the mysteries of Rift Energy.

The game has gotten 9.5s and 10.0s everywhere out the gate, so this appears to be another can’t miss exclusive.

Source: Sony

  • Free MAP packs=win

  • Not to mention the game is absolutely amazing. I had such a blast with the beta. Id buy it if Diablo 3 was coming out next week

  • Cheeto

    I don’t know Jason. The game is getting mixed review all over. Many people saying that the MP is the only thing worth playing. Personally I was looking forward to the campaign. Hope someone get a review up soon.

  • wolfkin

    I’m mean I’m not complaining but honestly just pricing them cheap and releasing them early would also do the trick. I.e. Map packs at 3 pack for $5 and in 3 weeks it’s free for everyone. I just worry about where they money is going to come from if not map packs? are they going to sell guns and stuff? I might consider that worse.