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Where is Marvel’s The Avengers Movie Video Game Tie in? |

Marvel’s The Avengers just broke all kinds of box office records. Surpassing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2. Raking in over $200.7 MIL in its opening weekend! With all the excitement and success, one is left to wonder, where is the video game tie in?
It is common practice for films based on comic books or science fiction to have some type of video game tie in. Previous Marvel films like Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America have seen video game adaptations closely following the plot line of its Movie counterpart. They are all however, mediocre and poorly designed. Website fusible stumbled upon evidence that may lead to an existence of a possible game.
A check on reveals that the url was established a day before the release of the film, and it is registered to Marvel’s Characters inc. With SEGA behind the last Marvel video game adaptations, it appears this one will be spearheaded by Ubisoft possibly.

There is no official word if this game is cancelled, delayed, or if there is even a video game, however E3 2012 is around the corner and we’ll find out soon enough.

  • It would suck so we don’t need one.

  • Just got word that this game will be unveiled at E3 by Disney Interactive.

  • I’d be somewhat interested in a game, but last i heard it was gonna be a kids game, so like im not interested if thats true. And If the game was somewhat good with really good graphics and details and destruction of environment, then thatll be something.

  • Zen pinball has the tables for it other then that, movie games suck balls

  • meh movie games are usually bad so not too interested

  • wolfkin

    no no no. just no. We ALL complain about how terrible rushed movie tie-in games are. All the time. Everytime. Yet when the studios show actual restraint and say “just because we have a good movie doesn’t mean we should have a terrible game” now we’re complaining about that?? I’ll say the same thing I said when people were mystified by a lack of Batman Begins/The Dark Knight video game. “This is a good thing, calm down, go back to playing Wow, Civilization, Fallout 3, GTA: SA, Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion”. Games come out at a breakneck pace there’s literally no need for anyone over the age of 18 to be at all in desire of an Avengers games. Especially since it’s not like we don’t have these characters in games already. We’ve already had GREAT games featuring these characters like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Children of the Atom, Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. It’s not like we’re talking about Green Lantern. When’s the last time Green Lantern was in a video game? I think JLH which no one remembers but me.

  • General opinion : Movie game sucks. That’s just the way things are, people should stop messing around with that.

    @wolfkin : I completely agree with you. I’ve been replaying Skyrim (possibly my 5th character) for the last month and it just doesn’t get old to me, I’m happy there hasn’t been so many new games because now I can enjoy my time playing whatever I want (even though I still own a small backlog of very long games).

  • wolfkin

    I’m catching up on some old podcasts and it’s annoying to hear podcasts talk about how they started this game and then they saw how it was going and quit after 4-5 hours (this isn’t even bad games.. games they’re interested in and are going back to). This is gaming culture. If it was just the “professionals” it’d be one thing I understand they play 800 games a month. But this is EVERYONE. We as a collective all do it. That’s the only way we can play all the games that come out. Too many games people. No one’s finishing these games. And when they are. they aren’t having fun. That’s why all the multiplayer games are dying off in 3 months.. 2 month. weeks after release because they got all the trophies and they don’t have time to actually get good or enjoy. That combined with the terrible way games (at least on PSN) handle match making (i.e. it really only works when there are a few hundred people playing. There’s no way to queue up a match making set) is part of the terrible trends.

    I just heard on Twitter that the Marvel game however.. it’s going to be all motion control baby.

  • Oly