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Q&A with Gaijinworks/Monkey Paw Games |

I had a chance to do a small Q&A with the folks over at Gaijinworks/Monkey Paw Games in regards to the Kickstarter for a Collector’s Edition for Class of Heroes 2, as well as other various topics. I took some questions from the backers over at the Kickstarter page, so click the link to read the answers:

1.- After working on the Sega CD, you’ve been working on releases for Sony consoles and Portables. Any change in that strategy thanks to the sales of the 3DS, and the Wii U being just around the corner?

We certainly will consider those platforms, and can’t wait to see some of the new titles and hardware that’s bound to be the talk of the show yet again.

2.- vinsfeld123 ponders: What do you plan to do next?. Will you make changes to the overall plan what changes, and gives this a second go?

We’re working on getting BurgerTime World Tour for PC out [check our review of the PSN release right here], the Class of Heroes 2 digital version, and we’ll be making a cool game announcement prior to E3 2012. As for another potential Kickstarter, we’re still weighing all of our options at this point. However, plenty of our fans have supported us to try again.

Burger Time

3.- Brash Smith asks: Is a localization and release ofMother 3 a possibility or has Nintendo already shot down that one?

Lots of fans ask us for status on lots of games. We can certainly say that anything is possible, and we have a long list of these same types of games we’d like to see. As for Mother 3, you’ll have to ask Nintendo on that one.

I would like to thank Gaijinworks/Monkey Paw Games for their time. I’ll have another Q&A in a few weeks, and a review for Vanguard Bandits which will go live next week, so be sure to stick around at!

  • Wouldn’t be you if there wasn’t a Nintendo biased question ;p

  • wolfkin

    ahh Mother 3… the hopes and dreams of us..

  • @wolfkin: Who knows? We might get it released on the 3DS eshop. I would definitely pay $20 for it. Hell, just go all the way and release Mother 1-3 on a 3DS cartridge and I’ll pay Nintendo $50 for it. $100 if they give us a 3 CD soundtrack box set, an artbook and a guide book.

    As for Gaijinworks/Monkey Paw Games, I’m looking forward to Class of Heroes 2 on PSP. It is similar to Wizardry, and you all know how much I loved Wizardry on PSN:

  • wolfkin

    i would heavily consider buying it on week one if they released a complilation.

  • Mother 3 would be a miracle.

  • Missed this article when it was posted. Interesting read. Nice job!