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Ragnarok Odyssey To Be Localized With Possible Release Date Leaked |

Ragnarok Odyssey developed by GungHo Works, was one of the best selling Playstation Vita games in Japan and probably the on that was imported the most as well. XSeed has confirmed that they will be localizing the game to North America sometime this summer.

Ragnarok Odyssey is a spin-off of Ragnarok Online. Concentration on aerial combat, pinpointing specific locations for higher damage and speed are some of the main points of the gameplay.

Up to four players can join locally or online to cooperatively take on the chaper based challenges or fight each other in a versus mode.

Recently Amazon and Gamestop has put the date of 8/21/12 on their websites and pre-orders have started. While not solid evidence, it seems very likely.

  • Interesting. A Ragnarok spinoff that is more action oriented could be just what I need.

  • wolfkin

    Ragnarok means nothing to me.. I’ve heard the word.. beyond that… nothing.

  • Eddie

    Well Ragnarok officially is a Norse “end of the world” type of scenario. Basically a wave of natural disasters, war, death of some Gods and water submerging the earth. Although some God’s do live and rebuild the world in the end.

    Probably has nothing to do with this game lol.

  • And a MASSIVE battle between gods. Can’t forget about that.