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Free Points Saturday – May 19th |

Yes, it has been a while since my last Free Points Saturday post (February 4th, in fact). Since I have been busy with numerous other things, I have only been able to get my *** on here occasionally, but not enough to be a good Community Manager, so I apologize for that. Words not enough for ya? How about a bribe: some free points!

Given the time between FPS’s, I won’t be making the points for this a multiple of the number of weeks missed (that would be ridiculous, really). Instead, I’ll go ahead and make it an even 1000 points. How does that sound? For the first 20 people? I wish I could block staff members from entering these, though. Oly and EdEN are greedy as hell with these things.

Anyway, the answer to this one has 4 WORDS (no numbers or special characters). Good luck!

In this book, a spin off to a game series, we see the main character, along with his long time friend, travel to numerous destinations like Egypt and Greece, uncovering secrets to a long-hidden mystery.

[question answer=”uncharted the fourth labyrinth” option=”freepoints” limit=”20″]

  • thanks for the points!

  • Got my 1000. Thank you Jay! ^.^

  • Sweet I got 1000 points and it only took me 3 tries. Thanks 🙂

  • Yes! Thanks for the points! I knew the answer because I read the novel. Read that in only 5 days after I got it. 😀

  • yeah, got it. Thanks for the points man 🙂

  • Sweet. 1000 points boo ya.

  • WEAK JAY. Too weak. Next time, can the FPS be about who can post the most embarrassing pictures of you online? :c

  • Oly

    I like Isli’s idea!

    and this was an easy one.. but, I’ll refrain from doing it since you complained about me, and I have 91k points already

  • badman24

    Words cannot express how easy that was. I havent even read the book.

  • Cheeto

    glad to see you back Jay, Thanks for the free points!

  • Woot thanks for the points, knew this one because I used to work at a book shop and I wondered why no one bought this book, and I just beat the game.

  • Poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooints… poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooints!!!!!

  • Oly

    Dangit Eden

  • I have no idea what this is, anyone care to give me a tip?

  • @Oly: YOU have 90k+ points. I DON’T have 90k points. And it’s not like I took 5 spots from other people. Just little old me.

  • Jay

    @pedrolabate: Think AAA first party

  • Dangit Eden

  • Thanks Jay, that helped!

    Just remembered I saw this not a month ago at the book store lol

  • Cheeto

    Obviously Pedro never played this PS3 exclusive series ;D

  • @cheeto hey, I’ve played it! I’m just not super excited about it!

  • Cheeto

    “not super excited about it!” :O … Take it back!

  • @Cheeto: Since it’s not Diablo III, he doesn’t care about it right now.

  • insight

    Now im confused and cant guess the answear :S

  • ye more points good thing to come back to after a weekend away

  • insight

    Finally got it…

  • I’m with Pedro…don’t care about the book >.>

  • Cheeto

    @EdEN He is not the only one adventuring Diablo III atm ;D

  • wolfkin

    yep not sure i would have gotten that.. oh well I’ll be trying next week.