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Releases for the Week (May 21st-27th) |

This week is packed! After several weeks of a “slow-drip” of releases, SEGA has decided it was time to open the gates in order to allow a LOT of old-school digital releases for some of their Master System and Genesis releases from back in the day. The highlight from that pack is Wonder Boy In Monster World (also known as Monster World IV), a game that remained Japan only until the Wii Virtual Console release on May 10, and now PSN is also getting in on the “pixel and awesome” action!

But that’s not all! Vita gets a PSN release as well for an AR game, there’s several mystical releases at retail, and we even get a PSOne and a PS2 Classic to come along for the ride!

Want to check the whole list? Then click on!

PS3 Releases


You Can Buy Sorcery Right Here!

Future Soldier

You Can Buy Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Right Here!

Dragon's Dogma

You Can Buy Dragon’s Dogma Right Here!

MIB Alien Crisis

PSN Releases

Table Top Tanks VITA


You Can Buy Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Right Here!

Alex Kidd

Doctor Who Eternity Clock


Super Hang-On

Shinobi III

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Monster World

Monster World IV

PSOne Classics releases

Alone in the Dark New Nightmare

PS2 Classics releases

NFS Most Wanted

Omega Strain

  • wow not too bad of a week too bad ive no money right now

  • Oly

    Sorcery is pretty fun.. by far the best move game to date.. Review pending 😉

    Dragon’s Dogma will be bought someday..

  • Cheeto

    Very glad they releasing Sorcery on PSN, I might buy a Move to check it out, but I’ll wait for Oly review first. Dragon Dogma is a definite, whenever we get it here! Also NFS Most Wanted, my favorite in the series, wonder if it will be in HD?

  • Eddie

    haha I remember beating Alex the Kidd for the Sega Master System. I still remember the dudes that shot stuff out of their butt at you lol.

    I’ll be picking up Dragon’s Dogma today and running with it.

  • ooo thats a lot of games that i want to play. Sadly i’m going to have to pass for a while. The dogma demo was pretty fun fighting that griffin

  • weak week,
    I bought Max Payne 3 last week.. its AWESOME
    These Master System and Genesis games not will be to +members… BAD
    I will not pay 4.99 for a old games, just FREE LOL

  • off course the best thing in PSN STORE today is the RB3 ADD ON: Iron Maiden pack
    Just 9.99…:)
    I will get

  • wolfkin

    not only do i have move.. i also have two wands and a nav controller. I’m all set up to love sorcery… if only my room wasn’t so shallow. I really don’t have room for most move games.

  • @wolfkin: Yep, you’re set for Sorcery hehehe.

  • wolfkin

    not quite set up for Johann Sebastian Joust though 😛

  • OK, I think it might be time for me to get a move 😀 Hope they release a Sorcery bundle.

    And it’s a shame we haven’t gotten Dragon’s Dogma around here yet, I need something to play besides Diablo, my hands are killing me! lol

  • Maybe pick up future soldier or dragons dogma…