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Dead Island: GOTY will make it to retail soon! |

Dead Island GOTY

Dead Island, a game we like, is getting a Game of the Year Edition. What will be included in this new package? You’ll get the game, the Ryder White and Bloodbath Arena playable DLC AND The Ripper Weapon DLC, all for the low, low price of $29.99! If, for some reason, you haven’t bought Dead Island (3 million copies sold and rising), then now is the moment to pre-order your copy and let the blood flow! Dead Island GOTY will be released on June 26, so keep your calendars marked!

  • Me and my bf bought the last copy from a local Gamestop the day it came out. It is a great game but I am surprise that they are releasing a game of the year edition for it. I would have thought they would have made some DLCs before even thinking about a game of the year. Oh well.

  • How many Game Of The Year awards did Dead Island win?

  • Well, it has two DLC packs and one DLC weapon, and it will retail for $29.99, so you’re basically getting all DLC for free.

    For those gamers that are a fan of Borderlands, you really can’t go wrong with Dead Island: GOTY.

  • kinda glad i waited, i’ve been wanting to play this. Hopefully one of my friends will pick it up and play through it coop with me

  • oh nice might have to finally pick this up

  • @kane112: At $29.99 you can’t go wrong!