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Releases for the Week (May 28th-June 3rd) |

Things are definitely picking up before the onslaught that is E3, and VITA has decided to show up once again at retail in order to bring us Resistance: Burning Skies. Sure, the game will also be available on PSN, but you look like the kind of person that likes to own a physical copy for most of his games. We also get the winner for “Retail Box with Most Quotes”, as well as Atelier Meturu: The Apprentice of Arland, the last game in the trilogy that started with Atelier Rorona and continued with Atelier Totori.

PSN also brings us a new release with Pure Chess, as well as digital releases for two retail games.

Want to check the whole list? Then click on!

PS3 Releases

Batman AC GOTY

You Can Buy Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition Right Here!


You Can Buy DiRT Showdown Right Here!

You Can Buy Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland Right Here!

Atelier Meruru

VITA Releases

Resistance Burning Skies

You Can Buy Resistance: Burning Skies Right Here!

PSN Releases


You Can Buy Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Right Here!

Pure Chess

Rayman Origins

You Can Buy Rayman Origins Right Here!

PS2 Classics releases

Rayman Arena

  • hopefully origins will see a psn plus discount.

  • @hobbes: Actually, Origins just got a PS+ discount for a week. THINK it ends today, so be sure to turn on your PS3 RIGHT NOW before the store updates.

  • batman goty edition i will want to eventually pick up. i still haven’t played it yet. Already had the NIS premium edition coming from their store already

  • I renewed my PSN + last week, and i been with 4 new games to play, include MAX PAYNE 3 (probally GOY 2012)
    I believe so buy new game in the launch of RE6 LOL

  • slap in the face BS, IMO, rayman 23.99(for plus members). Jak wads. will wait to find it disc based for 19.99 or below. Ubisoft or Sony jacked that up.

  • Love it when you make these averyweek. THen I know what to search *____ giveaway/contest for! 😀

  • men nothing too interesting this week

  • @Kane112: You’re just too picky. If I had some extra $$$, I’d get Atelier Meruru and Rayman Origins.

  • Eddie

    I picked up the demo for Resistance, Gravity Daze, got the free DLC for Motorstorm RC and High Stakes Pool. I want to buy Pure Chess as well.

  • @eden lol im not too picky theres just a lot of things that dont interest me

  • @Eddie: Buy Pure Chess. The most beautiful digital game of Chess you’ll ever own. Playing it right now for a review, and I’m having a lot of fun.

  • wolfkin

    still can’t believe that Batman AC artwork is official. and I don’t even care about artwork and stuff man.. but WOW is that terrible.

  • Eddie

    I probably will soon Eden. I still need to buy Sonic 4 Episode 2, The Walking Dead, Dragon’s Dogma DLC and a few other things lol.

  • Honestly, Batman AC GotY possibly made it to the “Worst Cover Art of this Generation” contest and beat it undisputed.

  • I’m having a lot of fun with Pure Chess. The graphics are amazing, and the 3D effect enhances the experience.