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PS3BlogCast Episode 50 |

It’s the week before E3 and I know you’re all excited to see what announcements are made. I know I am. Unfortunately I won’t be there (hopefully next year) and it turns out FooBear won’t be able to make it either (sorry loyal minions) but we will still have a few people from the site attending.

We have a good chunk of news to talk about and Isli is here to join us. Hope you all enjoy this weeks podcast and let’s hope next week delivers some great gaming news!


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Here’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • Sony to Acquire OnLive?
  • PS4 Almost Went All Digital
  • Doom 3 BFG Edition
  • Guacamelee
  • Dead Space New Graphic Novel
  • Jason Rubin New THQ President
  • Witcher 1 Console Bound Still?
  • Snapshot
  • Diablo III
  • Secret Word
  • An all digital console is something that is far, far away. I like my retail releases and physical collectibles, and relying on a digital only platform is too risky for all involved (heeello PSN hack!).

  • wolfkin

    I’m with EdEN and frankly given how the numerous issues with all digital game releases AS IS. I’m annoyed as what all that every one keeps suggesting it as the inevitable awesomeness of the future. ‘all digital console’ is like the flying car.

  • Some cars do generate enough lift to leave the ground :p

    I do think it is inevitable that it goes all digital, but I’ll be sad when that happens, even if I really love downloading games right now.

  • Jay

    but that flight is uncontrollable haha. An all digital console is much more realistic than flying cars (at least, on a large scale). The only thing holding that back from happening would be the need for the intended user base to all have broadband internet access without bandwidth limitations, but as of right now, that’s unfeasible, as the install base for current gen still consists of a considerable number of people who do not have internet access.

    I think what we WILL see, however, is a transitional period where EVERY title will be released digitally, but there will also be boxed retail versions for larger games. THAT is more realistic.

  • this podcast is delicious.

  • If you think about it cloud gaming services are basically the start of an all digital console. My issue with digital is I’d be more likely to buy digital if I could save them onto an external HDD and play it off that drive.

  • Other issue is our infrastructure blows. We need better internet (I’m looking at you, Comcast).

    I agree with Foo though. This podcast IS delicious.

  • missxya

    What trophies are you missing from AC2 Jcm? As far as I know the only one that’s missable is knocking a guard off the roof with the flying machine. But I found a memory outside Forli that lets you fly another one, I’m not sure if it was from the DLC or not though.

    Come on guy, if I could do it so can you >:3 /taunt

  • Podcast backlog + free points = Awesome (thanks) 🙂