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The Walking Dead Escape at the SDCC

PaulFierce and I will be covering the San Diego Comic-Con, and we will definitely be covering this Walking Dead experience for all us The Walking Dead fans. I just finished the second episode of the game, and loved every minute of it.

This is going to be a fun experience, where you will complete an obstacle course while being chased by zombies!! You can also choose to be one of the zombies, or even just spectate the event. Thee will be prizes and swag to be had for everyone. Be sure to watch for our coverage here, and if you are going to SDCC be sure to buy your ticket in advance!

Check out for all the details and to buy tickets!!


PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Detailed

I know, most people see these types of accessories as, well, worthless junk. However, as the video above depicts, there’s a lot more to this accessory than meets the eye. Besides the handles being adjustable (to go from a car-like steering wheel design to a motorcycle-like design), it also has longer, concave triggers for better finger grip, paddle shifters, and its own directional DualShock motors (one on each side), all powered by the Move controller itself.

Anton Mikhailov, SCE’s R&D guy, even mentioned how it could be used for flight games as well. Another really cool feature, as far as motorcycle control goes, the right handle could be twisted as a throttle, which also drives the right hand DualShock motor. Watch out for this later this year. It will retail for around $40.


PSN Summer Sale 2012

Beginning on Tuesday July 3rd, the summer sale of PSN 2012 will be bringing you 11 great titles on sale for 30% off and, if you haven’t jumped on the PlayStation Plus wagon yet, note that PlayStation Plus subscribers will get each of the summer sale games for 50% off!

Here is the full list and pricing for the summer sale games of 2012:

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[Giveaway] Pure Chess

When you read the review for Pure Chess, you’ll be able to tell it is a great option for all chess fans out there. Ripstone Publishing definitely thinks so, and they have been kind enough to give us two US PSN codes for the PS3 version of their game so you can try to get them for free! Be sure to read about all he ways to enter after the jump! Keep in mind, despite being US codes, this contest is still open internationally. You will just need a US PSN account. You will be able to purchase up to two lottery tickets (plus social media entries, of course), for 75 points a piece.

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, July 11th, at 11:59PM MST

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