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Gaikai Deal with Sony Could Be for PlayStation Back Catalog |

According to, Sony is expected to announce their cloud-based streaming service through their partner, Gaikai, next week at their E3 press conference. The deal apparently is to stream PSOne and PS2 titles through Gaikai. Word is, besides the PlayStation 3, the service could eventually become available on other Sony products, including televisions and tablets.

For those unfamiliar with Gaikai, it is a game streaming service kind of like OnLive, using either Java or Flash. However, they have deals with a lot of partners, including facebook, YouTube, and retailers such as GAME and Best Buy (not counting the number of publishing partners). As far as the PlayStation service goes, besides first party titles, we may also see publishers, that already have deals with Gaikai, release some of their PlayStation Legacy software, including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Capcom.

No word on whether this will have a monthly subscription or pay-per-title plan. Personally, I’d go for the monthly subscription. We already basically have the pay-per-title via PSN, however we could potentially see more titles become available through the Gaikai service. Would this be a service you’d be interested in? Could this be a look into what Sony plans to do with the PlayStation 4? Now to see if this is more than a rumor, and other important details, next week…

  • wolfkin

    i hate streaming games. There was a power out last night. This morning we had power but no internet. I take my PS3 everywhere and noone i know is familiar with how to set up their router properly. I will not pay for games to stream.

    I might reconsider if as you suggest it’s a subscription. I MIGHT bite if there are games I want and it’s a subscription model.

  • It would be nice if effectively, we could have access to the PS2 library on the PS3 via streaming.
    However, I’m worried about the both bandwith usage or the ping times.

  • curious to see how this might work

  • Jay

    @Ceidz: You can try Gaikai on PC to see how bandwidth affects it. Ping shouldn’t be too much of an issue since they have tons of servers at different data warehouses and stuff, so latency is relatively low.

    Bandwidth, on the other hand, will have a greater affect. I tried the Mass Effect 3 demo through Gaikai, and for the most part, it looked good, much better than what my PC could handle lol. Until I started using controls, at which point, my upload speed was crap at the time, and it slowed the gameplay down. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that it finally decided to recalibrate my stream to a lower quality (as in the picture was slightly blurred, but was much more playable and still looked decent).

    After that, I tried the Rayman Origins demo for like a minute, and that looked nice and clear and ran perfectly fine, so I think my bandwidth eventually improved.

    With that said, the technology is promising, but I still think we’re a ways off from having a full-blown cloud-based system.

  • Oly

    They need to just add backwards capability again… they have admitted it is possible!

  • Jay

    The problem with that is the fact that a lot of people either no longer have their old games or the ones they want are harder and harder to find, so, at this point in time, it wouldn’t make sense

  • Eddie

    This would be AWESOME for the Vita. Streaming handheld games would be simple, bandwidth minimal. Plus I’d love to be able to try out new demo’s without downloading 3 gig files!

  • Well, if it is added as an extra to Plus, for no extra cost to the current price/subs…