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Injustice: Gods Among Us Trailer Featuring DC Characters |

All these early released E3 trailers are leaving me wondering what will actually be revealed at the show. Here we have 2011’s Mortal Kombat creators NetherRealm Studios’ upcoming title, Injustice: Gods Among Us, the new PS3 fighting game based on legendary DC Comics characters such as Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Solomon Grundy.

  • wolfkin

    in before people complain that Batman or The Flash can’t fight Superman.

    I’m sorry was that ANOTHER redesign of Harley Quinn I just saw?

  • This could be interesting. And by the way @wolfkin Batman can totally kick Superman’s ass, haven’t you ever read TDK by Fran Miller?

  • wolfkin

    oh you don”t have to tell me @pedrolabate I know all about Batman’s contingency plans. But The first thing anyone ever says about Superman in a game is that it’s unrealistic. EVERY time without questions. If superman gets hit and reacts it’s not realistic. People refused to give a game artistic license as a game.

  • @Wolfkin we’ll just have to assume Batman is always carrying some kryptonite around (which he so does). And Superman sucks anyway ;p

  • wolfkin

    @pedrolabate superman doesn’t suck it’s just that most people don’t understand him. Every video game blog writing an article about superman talks about how overpowered he is but noone ever bats an eye at Wolverine. A character who by all every metric I can see literally can’t die, and is pretty much immortal. Supes has grown up and in some stories has grown old (and i think died). Not to mention the numerous marvel characters who by definition can’t be beaten like Galactus, Mister Sinister, and Apocalypse if I recall some of whom literally are embodiments of evil or some such and can’t be defeated.

    I say all this to say not that Superman is the perfect superhero, but that he’s a comic book hero like any other and should be treated as the rest not put on a pedestal of immunity. Especially when it comes to H2H fighting games.

  • humm, @wolfkin I see your point, but I don’t really consider Superman invincible, specially considering the DC Universe. He may be the “strongest” superhero or something, but that universe is so crowded with Kryptonians and over powered galactic enemies that I’m actually surprised earth still has a chance. What makes Superman unbalanced is that hes power is far beyond most other characters, with few exceptions like Mr. Marvel and Wonder Woman, Batman is also there because he’s got all the gadgets and intellect, but what really bothers me is that Superman mostly gets his ass kicked because he’s an idiot, he has all the good qualities of a noble human being but at the price of all the bad decisions he makes. That’s why Batman rocks, he’s capable of making tough decisions while not killing people all the same.

  • wolfkin

    @pedrolabate my frustration isn’t really with you directly but with other gamers who tend to blanket assume things.

    while I do prefer Batman myself what I like about a good Superman story is when they show the limits of his powers. For instance while Superman is pretty strong in a single area. His limitations tend to focus on things like structural weakness. Green Lantern can build a construct large enough to catch a building from falling for instance. Superman can’t. He has to know how the buildings works in order to know where exactly to apply pressure in order to keep it from falling in the first place. He may be faster than /A/ speeding bullet but he can’t be faster than 5 of them when they’re pointed in different directions. Clark may not be the greatest detective but he’s not Guy Gardener either, He’s got a bit of brains and when they show him using that you have a good Superman story. Such things will rarely translate well into a game and that’s why I think we don’t have Superman games. No gamer will accept limitations (wah wah I’m superman why can’t I just fly anywhere I want? Why am I ever walking? Why did that building not just get destroyed when I punched it?) and no gamer wants to play a Superman game where you have to think.

  • Jay

    shit is getting serious up in here