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Sports Champions 2 Announced |

For those of us who bought the PlayStation Move, chances are, you own the first Sports Champions title (well, there’s a good chance I should say). As fun as that was, it didn’t have the variety that, say, Wii Sports Resort had, but at least it looked better and controlled better, right? Well, a sequel is on the way, creatively titled Sports Champions 2. No mention of the old games, except that archery will be updated, but now we’ll be getting new additions such as boxing, golf, bowling, tennis and skiing. Check after the jump for the announce trailer.

  • oh nice hope they do as good of a job as they did on the first one

  • wolfkin

    EyeToy, PSEye, 2x Move, 1x Nav, and no Sports Champions. Show me a sale for $7 and I’ll buy it but until then it’s on my shopping backlog.

  • hmm… all move titles should be 15$ or less

  • Oly

    Besides Sorcery, Sports champions is still the best move title to date.

  • Tumble deserves a mention, 4am is getting great noise but I’ve yet to play it.