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Star Wars 1313 Announced and Revealed at E3 2012 |

Lucas Arts has announced that a new “mature” Star Wars game, called Star Wars 1313, will be revealed at E3 next week. The game will be a “third person cinematic action adventure game”, in which the player takes control of a “lethal bounty hunter”. Although rumored to be Boba Fett, the image released, and seen above, just shows a non-descript human.

Named for Level 1313, a ruthless criminal underground deep below the surface of the planet of Coruscant, the game puts players in control of a deadly bounty hunter as he uses an arsenal of exotic weaponry to hunt down his marks and uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy. Star Wars 1313 emphasizes epic set pieces and fast-paced combat with a hero who uses human skills and gadgets, rather than supernatural Force powers, to make his way through this dangerous world.

“We’re excited to share one of the projects LucasArts has been hard at work developing,” said Paul Meegan, President, LucasArts. “Star Wars 1313 dives into a part of the Star Wars mythos that we’ve always known existed, but never had a chance to visit. We are committed to bringing the best gameplay experience and visual fidelity to life and I truly believe the work we are showcasing at E3 will speak for itself.”

Source: Press Release

  • Already stoked for another chance to submerge myself in the Star Wars Universe, considering that LucasArts has been rather slow on releasing games recently.

  • meh, has there ever been a good star wars game? outside of the bioware one’s ? Kind of like there only being 1 good transformers game.

  • @hobbes: Kind of thin on the whole, but I do love X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and the Kotor series (which you mention).

  • Actually, the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series was brilliant, and the “newest” (2005-ish) addition to the series, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy still has a strong and active multiplayer community. The Podracing games were acceptable, and I hear nothing but love for Rogue Squadron, TIE Fighter, Battlefront, Republic Commando etc etc.

    ..But then LucasArts dropped the ball and released the meh game The Force Unleashed, and then the abomination Star Wars Kinect.

    ..Shame on them for that last one.

    Who knows, maybe 1313 will redeem the company.

  • Oly

    The “Bounty Hunter” game on PS2 where you play as Jango Fett is one of my all time favorite games. If this is similar, especially as playing Boba Fett, …. well let’s just say I might nerd out a little.

  • Will this be like that Star Wars game for the N64 ? The thing is, Star Wars games usually disappoint me…